What to Look for in a Commercial Printer in Tennessee

Your business is doing well, but it could always do better (What business owner hasn’t said that!). Maybe you have just opened a new store, maybe seasonal changes are happening, or maybe a line of services or products are rolling out. Marketing is going to be a big part of getting more business. To begin with, your customers have to know you exist to even do business with you!
Commercial printers can help that happen.

Spending your marketing budget wisely is crucial

You want to find a printer in Middle TN that gives you the very best in customer service, the best prices and the most effective ways of delivering your message to prospective clientele. AMi Marketing prides itself on those very qualities.

AMi Marketing handles the needs of all types of businesses, regardless of budget concerns. We offer highly effective and proven graphic design, as well as highly customized mailing lists at highly competitive prices. AMi Marketing is also the proven leader in direct mail in Nashville making our team not only an amazing commercial printer but a marketing partner ready to serve our community!

So, how can we help spread your message AND save you money?

Have you ever found a pizza delivery mailing in your mailbox from a place that doesn’t deliver to your door? What about a coupon for dog food when you don’t even have a pet? Why did that business waste your time…and their money? Most likely, because the business didn’t work with a marketing partner that performs due diligence on their list research.

AMi Marketing can create mailing lists that cater to only the people who would most likely be interested in your product, thereby reducing spending. With our years of marketing expertise, our team breaks out your audience by their interests, location, drive time, and interests to make sure we get the right message to the right audience.

There are numerous ways to cut costs and still get the right message delivered. There are different methods of printing to suit different needs. Of course, using the proper technique for the right need will save money as well. Static Printing is a method that uses only one uniform message. If you want everyone to get the same mail piece, (an upcoming sale, a free trial offer, for example.) this is the best method. However, if there are any differences at all, Dynamic Printing is needed. Dynamic Print can make every single piece of a campaign unique for the recipient. Switching out names or images is where dynamic print comes into play. This method is perfect if one of your customers is interested in convertibles and another is interested in trucks – the image can change to show the right message to the right person. By using our print expertise to find the best solution, our team will find the best way to reduce spending to stretch your marketing dollars further.

AMi Marketing proudly touts an amazing customer service record serving the Middle TN region for 15 years now. We will work within whatever budget you have, in the timeliest manner, to get your message out to the right people at the right time. Reach out to us today to set up your next marketing.