Drop Shipping, Storage & Fulfillment Services

AMi offers inventory storage and fulfillment services.  We help customers save space by storing and tracking inventory in our on-site warehouse. Whether it be a half pallet to 10 full pallets, you only pay for the space you use. Using partnered transportation services, we can fulfill your orders as well. Let us be your one-stop shop for all the storing and fulfilling of your product.

Drop Shipping & Freight Specialists in Nashville

Need a package shipped? You can use us for that too! AMi offers an experienced team to help you package and prepare your product or mail to transport across the US and Canada. Whether you are shipping a gift during the holiday season or need to get your mail cross country expeditiously, AMi can help.

We work in conjunction with various transportation services to meet every one of your needs. Our freight specialists can help you determine the right service to hit your deadline with the most cost-effective way of doing so.

By using drop shipping our freight department saves you time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you provide tracking services?
A: We can provide from our trucking lines to the USPS. We constantly monitor your shipment to insure it gets to your clients when you need it.

Q: How can freight save me money on my mail?
A: By shipping your mail directly to the post office nearest to your customer we do the leg work of the USPS therefore saving you money on Postage as well as guaranteeing  a specific in home window. Drop shipping closest to your customers saves you both time and money – a win win!

Q: Can we ship internationally?
A: Yes, we can get your freight shipped to almost anywhere in the world!

Q: Can I keep track of my inventory?
Of course. We help you keep track of inventory using our software which is easily accessible by both parties. In addition, AMi always has an employee on site for any further inquiries.

Q: Is my product safe in the warehouse?
A: Our warehouse is always secured and under surveillance.

Q: How quick is your response time?
A: As soon as the order is sent from the client our team is immediately moving the process. In most cases you can expect a next day turnaround.

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Inventory storage and fulfillment can be a hassle and time consuming. We can help! If you’re ready to grow your business we’re ready to talk about how we can help you. Give us a call at 877-377-5005 or click below to get started by requesting a quote.

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