Your Direct Marketing Matters

Make an impact with your direct mail marketing. As your partner, our business is helping you grow yours.
AMi was founded on the guarantee of getting direct mail into the hands of people who will benefit from your message or offer in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on our ability to move quickly on your project, without compromising quality.

Our Nashville-based facility provides a full spectrum of direct marketing services. From design and list aggregation, to printing, mailing, or drop shipping, we've got your business's mailing needs covered. You know how to sell your product but we can help market it. Here's how:

Cut through the noise

Our in-house design team specializes in creating direct marketing items for numerous industries. Your direct mail will convey the message you want to send. Whether you need fun and quirky or serious and to the point, AMi will give your mail the look you want.

A Lasting Impression

Who said print is dead? Here at AMi, we print thousands of pieces of mail each and every day. Choose digital or traditional printing services, depending on your needs. These different tools ensure your project is completed with the highest quality standards.

Leave everything to us

Finding a place to keep your products or materials isn't always easy. Finding someone who will ship those items can be even harder. So, what if you were able to store and ship your products from the same location? That's precisely what AMi delivers with our fulfillment services.