Direct Mail

Are you looking to send out a communication to your clients about an upcoming sale?  Do you want to boost your sales during a particular time period?  Are you launching a new product or service?  How do you get the word out?

Why Direct Mail?

Direct Mail still has the highest ROI (return on investment) of any marketing tool out there. At AMi Marketing we mail all over North America. We can mail postcards, letters, brochures, booklets, packages to name a few.

We know how to get the best postal discounts by sorting your mail in the finest way possible, and then shipping it to the Postal Facility closest to your clients’ mailboxes, thus eliminating the need for the Postal Service to take it all the way there – which is more costly and slower.

We are a top rated Direct Mailing Company in Nashville

We also offer Informed Delivery with our mail services. We can provide the USPS with a color image of your mail piece along with an added clickable button to go to the landing page you would want your customers to go to.

The USPS sends an email out each morning to anyone who has signed up for Informed Delivery showing them what is coming to their mailbox that day.

You get your piece noticed via email, then a click to your landing page followed by your mail piece in their mail box that night. Three touches with one piece of mail!

Frequently Asked Direct Mail Questions

Q: I have heard that mailing is so much more expensive than email or social media marketing. What if I don’t have a large budget?
A: Direct mail does cost more than email or social media marketing, but with Direct Mail you KNOW that the person has touched your mail piece. With email marketing and social media marketing it is very easy for the consumer to just bypass your message as you can delete many emails all at once, or go past the social media marketing without looking at it. You have to look and touch direct mail. Direct mail has a response rate of 1.5-3% which is incredibly high.

Q: When is the best time to mail to my clients?
A: You want to mail to your clients when they want to buy from you. You know someone has bought from you a month ago – with a product that has a shelf life of 2 months. Now would be a good time to remind them to buy again. You know that a person’s insurance is coming up for renewal – now would be the time to see if you can offer them a better deal than their current company. Let us help you determine when and what to mail. We are here to help you grow your business.

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