What should be the best Billboard Size for your business?

In the advertising sector outside of homes, billboards have an important role since they’re highly adaptable and prominent. Billboards are not simply large poster that sits in front of a tower or on a highway. These billboards can be of many different types that focus on market segments. Now, the billboard size can vary to promote different products and services.

When using billboards, it is important to take note of the dimensions of your pixel based on the size you select. In this post, we’ll discuss the best sizes that we use the most, where they will be most commonly seen and ways to customize the dimensions.

Understanding the General Billboard Categories

Poster Panel Billboard Size

Poster panels are available in sizes of 12×25 feet. You can find them on secondary and primary routes for traffic. It can also be smaller variant of poster sizes, 6×12 feet, made to attract pedestrians and vehicles. You can also find such poster panels in high-density town centers and malls in suburban areas. Poster panels are an aesthetic that’s not too grim, doesn’t overwhelm the surroundings, and is still appealing. We suggest you talk to us as we offer the best printing services in Brentwood, TN.

Classic Billboard Size

Also known as billboards, they are usually found on highways, expressways, and roads with a significant traffic flow. The classic billboards are available in the following dimensions:

  • 10 feet tall, 30 feet wide
  • 5 feet tall, 36 feet wide
  • 5 feet tall, 22 feet wide (mostly preferred for poster billboards)
  • 14 feet high with a width of 48 feet – offers the space for 672 square feet of advertising
  • 5 feet tall, 11 feet wide (mostly preferred for junior posters)
  • 6 feet high, 12 feet in width (72 sq. ft of space for advertising)

The classic billboards had increased in size since the times when billboards were introduced as an outdoor form of advertising. They’re the perfect solution to draw larger crowds, such as pedestrians and motorized traffic, ensuring they are visible to everyone within the area! Now, you can mention the type of business you own in the comments section, and we will provide the best quote for printing the billboard for you.

Mobile Billboard Size

They are either digital or static, usually placed on the exterior of a vehicle moving. Billboards that are migratory aim to connect with your audience in the place they are located, such as an event that is large someplace. You can reach a large audience within a single day since the trucks are always in motion. Additionally, the information on mobile billboards has to be concise and short to grab the attention of crowds of people in a matter of a few minutes.

The dimensions of these billboards are approximately 7 feet tall with 8-foot width for smaller trucks, while larger trucks may have a width of 24 feet. We suggest you take a look at what we are offering as we provide the best commercial printing services in Nashville.

The Conclusion – An Advice

We would like to provide one advice while you choose the best billboard size. You should rent ad space for your billboard to test whether or not the size is correct. So, go slow with your initial investment to know the ideal billboard size for your business.