What are the Pros & Cons of Offset Printing?

When you are running a business, it is apparent that you need to take printouts. Now, typically you have two methods where you can take printouts today – by using a digital printer or by using an offset printer. Today, we will learn about the pros and cons of offset printing compared to digital printing. You can also learn what offset printing is here.

Pros of Offset Printing

Even though there are several benefits of using an offset printer, we mention the ones that matter the most:

Offset Printing Offers Quality

The biggest reason business owners prefer it is because it can deliver top-level quality. Yes, digital printers can deliver high-quality printouts too, but that would cost you a lot. Plus, the printing cost would rise too high. Hence, the offset printer is the first choice if you consider image quality.

The Printing Cost is Low

As touched a bit in the first point, the printing cost is yet another significant reason people choose offset printing. Compared to digital printers, the per-page printout cost is very nominal. So, if your priority is to take printouts in bulk, it is a no-brainer to use offset printers.

Suitable for Large-format Printing

For the large-format printing services, offset printers do rule. Since it is almost impossible to use a digital printer in large printing, it is the obvious choice. Now, we suggest you contact us to know the exact cost and the correct form of printing you need.

Cons of Offset Printing

Compared to a digital printer, there are a few areas ahead of an offset printer. Let us take a look at those too:

Initial Costing of Offset Printing

Probably the biggest disadvantage of this type of printing is its setup cost. If you are a printing press and want to own an offset printer, you need a large room compartment to install the printer. Therefore, the initial cost of an offset printer is quite higher than a digital printer.

Low Customization and Less Consistency

Flexibility is yet another issue. If you use an offset printer, you can’t be able to change the design all the time. You get that option in a digital printer as the source files are created on a computer. Also, offset printers also have inconsistencies while printing. That is something you won’t get in a digital printer.

Not Ideal for All Business

This is the reality – it is not for all businesses. People who need marketing merchandise all the time are the ideal suit for an offset printer. There are loads of business that exists today that only need a printer to print some bills. If you are unsure of what you need, you can get to us here.

The Conclusion – Choose the best Printing Services in Brentwood TN

So, that concludes the discussion about the pros and cons of offset printing. Meaning you can learn about digital printing too. For that, we request you to contact us. We are AMi Printing, and we offer the best Commercial Printing Services in Nashville.