What are the Best Ways to Print and Use Custom Bookmarks?

Physical books are losing importance in the digital age of Kindles, iPads, and other e-readers. You would be wrong. Popular platforms like TikTok make it easy to share book titles, and because of the continued global love for literature, hardcovers and paperbacks are a favorite medium for book lovers. Bookmarks are a great way to make physical books more accessible. It can be an incredible marketing tool as well. This blog will discuss four ways to print and use custom bookmarks for personal or professional purposes. So, let us jump in!

1. You can Sell your Art / Graphics

A bookmark that doubles as an artwork piece are excellent. You can make bookmarks from your artwork if you are a graphic designer, artist, or writer. You can create custom bookmarks from AMi Printing as well. They are the best creative design company in Nashville. Meanwhile, you can create fan art for specific audiences and share your passion for books and talent with potential customers. You can invest more time in this by talking with us.

2. Custom Bookmarks for Party Favors

Are you planning a party but want to avoid handing out candy or other cheap toys as party favors? You can make custom bookmarks that are themed to the event and give them as take-home gifts. It’s also a great keepsake for guests of honor and party attendees. We have seen bookmarks from custom party favors at children’s birthday parties. By checking on our printing services, get more creative ideas for using bookmarks at parties.

3. Promotional Marketing for Authors

Are you planning a book launch? A single sheet of thick cardstock will create excitement and buzz. We are confident that custom bookmarks will become your best friend in print. Believe it or not, bookmarks can be a powerful marketing tool for authors. They are easy to make, and your fans will appreciate the personal touch of a bookmark you give them. Promoting your new book can be as easy as including a chapter from your riveting book. This will make your readers want to read more.

4. Give a Gift to your Classroom as a Welcome Gift

There are feelings of anxiety and excitement as the new school year begins. Your students will be more successful if they have a gift, they can use throughout the school year. You can include a quote from a well-known author or a message of encouragement from you as their teacher. It is a great way to impress your students and show them that you are a competent teacher. You’ll also likely pique your student’s interest in reading. It’s a win for everyone!

The Conclusion

Bookmarks can be a fantastic way to keep the readers interested in reading. Custom bookmarks are not mandatory, but they can lift the art of reading books even more. Now, the ways we have mentioned are all subjective and depend upon you if you are into that. And don’t forget – we are AMi Printing; we offer the best commercial printing services in Nashville. So, contact us for any printing and publishing needs!