Top 5 Tips to Design a Professional Brochure for a Company

A company can offer many services. So, brochures are the best medium to explain what you offer to clients in an elegant and intelligent way. However, it is not always an easy task to design a professional brochure. That is why we are suggesting 5 tips to make a quality brochure every time.

1. Brochure’s Purpose

Before you ask a designer to create a brochure for your company, please make sure that they understand the true purpose of making it. So, it is essential for the designer to know the proper line of business and whether the intent is to sell something or share information.

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2. Draft Contents Before its Design

Sure, the layout, the font, and the color combination are all crucial. But, the textual content of the brochure is the most significant of all. Therefore, we suggest you prepare what you want to publish first, then craft the design.

Here, make sure the content is grammatically correct with no spelling errors. Also, we recommend using bullet texts to keep the reader engaged in what you are offering. On top of that, using catchy headlines gives the reader more reason to go through the entire proposal.

3. Design a Fitting Layout

Your designer needs to craft a layout based on the volume of content. It can be a 2-fold design or can be a tri-fold. However, depending on the amount of text, one can also make any number of pages for the brochure.

What is also important here is the color that your designer is using. It is worth mentioning that the colors should resemble the base variant color of that particular business or a brand. Then, there is the font used. Fonts should reflect the type of content and the nature of the business.

4. Use Hi-Res Images

Even though using an image is not mandatory, 9 out of 10 brochure designs contain images. Images can interact with the target audience better than texts. If your designer is using images, please make sure those are high resolution.

Since images directly impact the overall look and feel of the brochure, you must use quality images. Now, you can do a photoshoot of your products or offices, or you can buy quality images from various paid websites. Either way, we suggest you use hi-res pictures to elevate the brochure’s quality.

5. Add Call-to-Action

Adding Call-to-Action texts creates an immediate impact among the target audience. So, it is wise to use some. Meanwhile, beware of overusing it, or else it would lose its edge. We are always here to assist and suggest the exact number of catchy phrases that you should use in the brochures.

The Conclusion

So, that concludes the list with 5 tips that should help you design a professional brochure for your company. Meanwhile, you can check and consult with AMi Printing for any query. They provide the best graphic design services in Brentwood, TN.