Top 5 creative ideas of Business cards in 2022

A Business Card is a tool that you typically use to introduce your business to someone else. So, it makes perfect sense to be creative yet stay relevant. That is why we are presenting 5 new styles of Business Card that you can use in 2022 and beyond.

1. A Matte-finished card

If you are a corporate business, it is essential to be classy and elegant when introducing yourself. So, a Matte-finished card could be an incredible option for you. You can use simple dark shades like black, dark grey, dark blue, or green.

On top of that, you can use contrasting font colors to make it visible. Those cards are simple in nature and reflect honestly and perseverance. We suggest you discuss it with AMi Printing, the best printing shop in Nashville, TN.

2. A Rounded-corner card

When you are into a fun and entertaining business, it is essential that your Business Card should reflect that. So, that is where we suggest a rounded-corner card. These cards are typically vibrant in colors like bright yellow, red, orange, or white. It is ideal if you own a pet shop, a food catering company, or a nightclub. Sure, you are welcome to have a word with our reps, who will be happy to help.

3. A Portrait-shaped card

A Portrait-shape card can be for any business niche. However, we recommend against it if you are a corporate house. Other than that, you can use these for all kinds of business. It represents a fresh take on the same services that you provide. There is no fixed color trend that you can follow here. Of course, you can seek our help, and we will suggest the best to you.

4. A Metal-finished card

The Metal-finished cards can be expensive to make, but it leaves a fantastic first impression. Typically, these cards are for corporal use, but nowadays, anyone serious about their business uses them.

You can use matte black, gold, silver, or white as the base color and use engraved fonts over them. If you talk to our designers, they will give you more creative ideas to make the best Metal-finished card for you.

5. A See-through card

A See-through Business card is an innovative idea to promote your business. Out of all the cards discussed, this one probably has the most immediate impact. Made typically of plastic, it is perfect for modern IT companies.

However, anyone can use it but preferable for any fun-based business. The fonts can be engraved, or you can also use high-contrasting colors to make them visible. Again, we are open to a quick chat before you confirm.

The Conclusion

To conclude, we would like to tell you that the Business Card designs mentioned are relevant for businesses in 2022 and beyond. There can be unlimited creative ideas that you can choose from. However, you should understand whether or not that suits your business. You can talk with us. We are AMi Printing; we offer tier-one printing services in Brentwood, TN.