Engage the Voters

Now is the time to start planning your direct mail campaign ads.  Where do you start?  Who do you mail to?  How often do you mail?  How do you coordinate with your social media and door knocker campaigns?

We handle a good amount of campaign mail each year, and as this is a midterm election year you need to be ready with your message to the voters.

Some key points:

  • Keep it simple – don’t clutter your mail piece.  What is the one point you want to make?  You can make other points in subsequent mailers.  What is your stand on that issue? A picture of you and your family is always good to use.  Keep it light and bright.
  • Each mailer should drive home a point with your constituents. Make sure that point is clear and bold in all your messages.  Make sure it clearly contrasts to your opponent.
  • Make use of comparing your opponent’s record to yours.
  • Make sure you are coordinating with your other forms of advertising, i.e. social media, door knocking, email blasts.  If you are sending out a mailer talking tough on crime, send out on social media your position on crime, same with your email blasts.
  • Send out mailers approximately 2-3 weeks apart until you get to the month prior to the election.  Then start sending them out weekly or even every couple of days, depending where you are in comparison to your competition.  You want your name fresh on the voters’ minds when they go to the polls.

AMi, Marketing can handle it all for you to ensure you are coordinating all the pieces and dropping each at the right time.   AMi can track your mail to see when it arrives in homes.  We can use Informed Delivery with the USPS to add another layer of contact for you and your constituents.  Informed Delivery shows the constituent your mail piece and that it will be arriving in their mail box that day.  We can colorize that piece they see in their email, and even add a clickable button to it to go to your website.  That is 3 touches for one mailer!

Call us today to see how we can help you and your campaign!