Dynamic Content Printing vs. Variable Data: How Do They Compare?

If you invest in direct mail as part of your marketing strategy, you’ve probably faced the growing demand for more targeted mailers.

Figuring out which technologies offer the most effective targeting, however, can be confusing.

To help clear the confusion, we’ve outlined the two most prominent methods for personalizing direct mail: variable data printing and dynamic content printing.
What is Variable Data Content?

Variable data content printing, also known as variable information printing, is the process of finding and changing sections of text or particular images in printed mailers.

Put more simply, variable data takes chunks of text out of your direct mailers and swaps them with other text—based on data values from different market segments.
Variable data printing was once the shiny new thing in the direct marketing world.

Marketers were suddenly able to individualize their mailers and add a personal touch. Instead of every mailer looking identical, brands could add some personalization by utilizing direct, 1-to-1 matches from data values.

For example, a marketer could develop an overall design for a print letter or postcard.

Variable data printing, at its most basic, would then allow them to change the salutation and address line for each individual mailer.

This helped each recipient receive a mailer addressed to them, rather than one addressed to “Current Resident.”

More complicated versions of variable data allows marketers to change out chunks of text or images, depending on which segment of the list would receive the mailers.

The 1-to-1 matchups achieved by variable data printing typically correspond to large market segments.

As such, variable data printing has become less effective over time, as newer technologies have emerged.

It is most often compared to dynamic content printing, which takes personalization of mailers to the next level.
Dynamic Content Printing

Dynamic Content Printing does more than swap out names, images or chunks of text based on basic bits of information.

It combines geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data to mold your mailers for their most perfect audience.

Dynamic content simply has more capabilities than variable data. Where variable data allows you to change addresses and images, dynamic content allows you to change the overall feel of your mailers.

Want your mailer to be formatted to appeal to sports fans? Change the fonts, layout, and language of the offer.

Want that segment of sports fans to be further segmented to include references to location or particular sports teams? You can do so with dynamic content.
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