Direct Mail Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Are we all suffering from Digital Fatigue?

More and more people are working remotely.  Many students are still learning remotely.  We are weary of screen time.

We are seeing trends that are branching out from Digital and embracing once again Direct Mail.    If you are tired of looking at your computer all day – you aren’t really looking for deals on line.   You are looking to see what you get in your mail box.  You can touch your mail.  You can hold on to any coupons you get to use when you are shopping.  Direct mail has turned into something novel again.  Digital still should be part of the mix and direct and digital should complement each other.

How best should a company position themselves with Direct Mail?  Show that your business is back open.  Your mailer can show a warm welcome back to the actual world!  A printed piece engages the reader far longer than a digital ad.  We have all learned to swipe past digital ads.  You have to touch direct mail.   A direct mail piece that catches your eye, for something you want or need is going to be kept around.  Direct mail has staying power.

In a recent study 60% of people receiving a mailer actually made contact with the business!  That is a powerful number!! As we have all gotten more tech savvy, data truly is the MOST important aspect of reaching your clients or prospects.   No longer can you just send out the same mailer to your database.  Use the data you have acquired on your clients.  What age group buys certain items?  Do men or women buy a certain product or service more often?  What price point works with which types of customers?  What about your mailer entices them to contact you?  What graphics work?  What graphics don’t work?  Once you have a good profile of your customer you can then use that data to obtain prospects that match the same criteria.   Then use your data to constantly tweak your message, when you send a mailer out, and who you send it to.  This will keep you relevant!  And this is how you get 60% of the people making contact with you.

Don’t get us wrong.  Don’t ditch your digital marketing, just make sure you are including direct marketing in your mix. Make your digital and direct complement each other.  As we all come out of the pandemic position your company to welcome back your customers. And if you do that – you will see an increase in your sales!