7 Steps to Harness the Art of Screen Printing

The world of graphic design is always evolving. Screen Printing is, without a doubt, a useful and creating medium to be creating on packaging and branding. So, the following are the core steps that you should remember while you do Screen Printing.

1. Design Formation

The first step is to prepare what to print and where to print. Next, you need to copy the design to a transparent acetate film when you are sure of the printing material. Then, you need to prepare something called a Stencil. You can say it is a template that you will use to imprint a particular design.

2. Screen Preparation

The next step involves choosing a mesh for the screen. You need to be sure that the mesh screen suits the style and texture of the fabric. The idea is to use a coated layer of light-reactive emulsion over the mesh screen. The emulsion, when coming into contact with a bright light, will harden up eventually.

3. Exposing the Emulsion

The current state is that the acetate films or sheets are transferred to the emulsion-coated screen. The next step is to expose the emulsion screen to bright lights. That should make the screen hard, which was only in a liquid form. It is worth mentioning that if the final design involves more than one color, you need to prepare multiple Stencils to match it up seamlessly.

4. Stencils are Ready

Please understand that all the 3 steps we performed ensure you create a smooth Stencil. So, once the emulsion screen is hard enough, you need to wash any liquid residues and clean them up. If any adjustment is needed to brush up the Stencils, this is the time to do it.

5. Ready the Printing Surface

In this step, you should carefully place the printing material below the screen with the prepared Stencils. It is a crucial step as one mistake can cost everything. As for the type of printer, we recommend the automatic rotary carousel printer. It is ideal if you choose to use more than one screen for a multicolor design.

6. The Printing Process

This process is very simple. The ink you will use in the printer will flow over the screen and take the shape of the Stencil you have chosen. Of course, the ink will flow over them for multiple screens to give the shape and design you want. If you want to know more, contact us as we provide the best printing services in Brentwood, TN.

7. Drying and Finishing

Finally, the currently attached screens with the printing materials get removed, washed, and dried using a special process. If you are to print in bulk, you need to repeat the printing process in a loop. Then, your screen-printing design is ready to deliver.

The Conclusion

Please note that there can be hundreds, if not a thousand, ways that you can use to do Screen Printing. However, the steps that we mentioned are the basics that more or less every agency follows. Meanwhile, you can have a chat with AMi Printing, which provides the best printing services in Brentwood, TN, to know more.