travel and tourism direct mail marketing

Now that summer is here, travel season really begins. Families that have been waiting for the kids to get out of school will pack up and head to the beach or theme parks around the country. Tourist locations and attractions will fill up, and many of those visitors will be there because of one thing: direct mail marketing.

There are several reasons that tourist attractions and travel professionals still rely on direct mail to achieve results. Some of those reasons are the same as any other industry; basically, direct mail marketing just works. Still, there are some reasons that direct mail seems to bring better results for travel and tourism than other marketing avenues.

Solid Daydream Material

There’s something magical about receiving a catalog or pamphlet in the mail days after you start considering a vacation. With full-color, glossy photos to stare at while imagining all the fun you’ll have, that marketing mail piece becomes one of the most powerful items in your life. All exaggeration aside, you’ll probably book your vacation wherever the brochure advertises. Why?

Sometimes interruption marketing is exactly what we need—not just for travel and tourism marketing, but for all industries. Can we find all those images online? Of course we can. But what will prompt us to look for them? Also, if you, as a marketer, leave it up to the consumer to discover your hotel, theme park, or other tourist attraction, how many will find their way to you? If you don’t send the mail, the chances of them visiting your website go down significantly.

Targeted Mailing Lists

Repeat customers are a huge market for travel and tourism companies, and direct mail marketing makes reaching those past customers easy. With contact information from all prior travelers, companies can keep track of children’s ages, consumers’ spending habits, and travelers’ previous choices. This helps those companies provide better suggestions in future direct mail campaigns.

Even rented mail lists can be segmented according to location, income levels, and family types. Rental lists are a very good way to supplement your house file.  We can profile a house file and mirror it with rental names. Theme parks, hotel chains, cruise lines, and other tourist attractions can reach out to the customers that are more likely to enjoy the services and activities offered.

Varied Media Possibilities

Brochures probably come to mind first when considering tourism print materials, but that’s not all these travel companies have available. With the various options available, consumers can receive magazines, catalogs, letters, postcards, and even three-dimensional marketing pieces. Digital marketing simply doesn’t offer the different options available to print marketers.

When you combine the tactile nature of direct mail, the variable data printing possibilities, and the different mail types available, you have a much better chance of reaching buyers exactly when they need you.

If you’re interested in learning more about direct mail marketing for travel and tourism, feel free to reach out. We can design a campaign that perfectly fits your audience, services, and activities so that you can grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.