target delivery for political mail


A political campaign must be ready to turn on a dime.

No candidate can ever know what the future holds, whether that’s the passing of new legislation or an accusation from an opponent. When you must respond to the political environment in your town, your state, and your country, your message must arrive in a timely manner. If you’re relying on direct mail to reach your constituents, how can you be sure of accurate delivery?

Your Timeline

You have a very small window of time in which to respond to changing political climates. Responses to new legislation, proposed bills, and smear campaigns must happen immediately in order to reassure your voters. If two weeks pass and your supporters don’t hear from you, they might get a little nervous.

How, then, can you ensure that your message reaches them before they lose confidence, when cross-country mail delivery can take up to three weeks? And even then, you may have no idea when your message actually reaches certain homes. Without knowing who has seen your direct mail piece, how can you then follow up to answer questions and further share your political platform?

The Answer You Need

You know that more people trust direct mail than any other type of communication, especially when it comes to elections. What if you could conceive, design, mail, and deliver within 7 to 10 days? Wouldn’t you take advantage of that kind of expediency?

With American Mail & Insert, you can experience 7 to 10-day delivery of your political direct mail, with 99.99% accuracy for national campaigns, and 4-5 days for local. We can make this happen every single time, so your message arrives exactly when you need it to. Why would you take a chance on anything else?

How We Do It

You have to reach a wide number of mail recipients when you send out your campaigns. We’re experts with direct mail. We know exactly how to segment your list to get bulk mail delivered first to the area where those recipients live, and then directly to every individual voter.

Our technicians watch every single piece of mail from the moment they leave our facility. If trouble arises, we know immediately and can make changes to our delivery process to maintain the delivery window. Your mail pieces are never out of our sight—not until the moment they reach your supporters.

You can’t trust your campaign to vague delivery promises without guarantees. If you want to make sure your voters read your message at the right time, give us a call.