restaurant direct mail marketing

The restaurant business still relies on direct mail marketing more than many other industries, and for good reason. While many digital strategies have proven effective, direct mail still reaches diners and brings those diners in. We know it’s effective, or restaurants would stop adding direct mail to their marketing mix. Understanding why it’s effective can help you hone your message for the best possible results.

Serious Volume

Consumers spent billions eating in restaurants last year. Billions—as in $709.2 billion—you could have had a piece of if you pulled in customers through targeted marketing campaigns. If people are planning to dine out anyway, why shouldn’t they be in your restaurant?

When you know consumers are already planning to go to a restaurant, that takes a lot of the stress off your shoulders. You don’t have to convince them to go out; you just have to convince them your restaurant is where they want to go.

Instant Results

Depending on the direct mail marketing pieces you send, you could experience immediate results. Some of the most effective campaigns prompt action right away, such as a limited dish offering, a discount that expires soon, or any other offer that creates urgency.

When customers bring in their coupons or reference the mail they received, you know right away that your direct mail campaign worked. With a plan in place, you can accurately track the results, which will help you hone your efforts for later direct mail marketing campaigns.

Customer Maintenance

Keeping those customers coming back is easier with direct mail marketing, too. With so many restaurants to choose from—over one million in the United States—consumers really do have their pick. Digital marketing doesn’t always help you stay top of mind for those buyers, does it? You have to make sure you get in front of them whenever possible.

Whether sending information about new menu items, offering special prices for a limited time, or giving away desserts for birthdays and anniversaries, the most important thing is that you’re getting your restaurant in front of customers as often as possible.

Less Competition

We don’t mean there are fewer restaurants using the same marketing tactics you are; we just mean they can’t see what you’re doing with your campaigns. When you share your specials, menu, discounts, and other big ideas on social media, everyone can see. That means your competition can, too. What stops them from taking your big ideas and making them their own?

By using direct mail, you can be sure the only people seeing your big specials are your customers. That’s reason enough to keep direct mail a part of your marketing arsenal.

When you’re ready to create your next direct mail marketing campaign, we’re here to help. You can start growing your restaurant business right away.