Who is Your Avatar?

Creating a successful direct mail campaign involves the implementation of multiple strategies. The company that carefully plans, implements and optimizes its direct mail marketing campaigns will reap the best ROI. Before you even think about your marketing, you must first know your ideal customer inside and out! This is a great brainstorming exercise that also builds team rapport. Get input from as many employees as you can and make sure that all employees are very familiar with your customer. These questions will get the process started. (For the purpose of this article, we’ll use female pronouns.)

1. Who are your IDEAL customers?

What do they all have in common – age, income, gender, values, beliefs, lifestyle, hobbies, interests, etc? You know whom shops with you or use your services but have you taken the time to identify what they all have in common?

2. Brainstorm and create a detailed description of this person.

Give her a name. Attach a photo. You want to know this person so well that you can immediately identify her when she walks through your door. You want to know what makes her say YES to you. In order to know this, you also have to know what gets her attention. Is she looking for a great deal? Does she want a special offer? Is she looking for a new gadget? How far will she drive to claim your “new offer?” Is she short on time? What are the things that excite her? Is she interested in bonuses? When she’s not using your service or shopping with you, where does she shop?

The questions are endless. The deeper you go and the more detailed you are in describing your Avatar; the more effective your campaign will be because your message and offer will speak to her. The ultimate goal is for the direct mail recipient to feel special. You want her to feel as though you created an offer just for her – not for the masses.

Your annual marketing campaign, which should include direct mail, will be more seamless when you have your ideal customer in the forefront of everything you do. Businesses that try to be all things to all people, FAIL. It’s not possible and the companies, which thrive in today’s market place, are the ones who know, honor and respect their customer. This is not to say you won’t attract others, but the bread and butter of your business, is going to come from your ideal customer. Keep this person in the forefront of everything you do.

You want your customer to feel at home when she walks through your doors and you want your direct mail marketing pieces to convey the same feeling.