who's reading direct mail

With so many articles and blogs trumpeting the death of direct mail, it might be hard to remember why you work so hard to come up with new campaigns. The truth is that, while digital marketing does have its place, direct mail marketing is still packs a powerful punch, especially if you’re targeting the right audience.

So, who’s still reading your direct mail? More people than you might think. Let’s take a look.

Baby Boomers

In studies, Baby Boomers and older consumers state they’re more likely to purchase products after influence from direct mail marketing. The reason for this, which comes from a recent Gallup survey, is that Americans over the age of 65 still look forward to checking the mail every day. While they may not be specifically looking for marketing materials, they are more likely to spend time with the mail they receive.

That means Baby Boomers are more likely to check out the postcards you send or flip through your catalogs. They’ll open your marketing letters and glance over your flyers.


Recent studies by the USPS show that millennials aren’t as digitally minded as we might first believe. In fact, as technology has become more available, it seems millennials reach for something tangible. Instead of consuming email marketing, they’re paying more attention to the physical mail they receive.

According to this set of statistics, Millennials aren't as digital-crazy as everything might think. 


We’ve already focused on why direct mail should target female consumers, specifically because they influence more than 85% of all household purchases. These purchases run from real estate and new cars to vacations and health care. What makes your direct mail marketing to these women so powerful is that 85% of women between the ages of 25 and 44 open and read printed and mailed advertisements.

Purchasing power plus attention to direct mail equals serious success for your business.

If you’re not reaching out to the right audiences—to those who will read your direct mail marketing—then you’re spinning your wheels, right? Now you know: Baby Boomers, millennials, and women are all reading your mail.

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