direct mail in marketing plan


When developing your marketing plan, you may consider only digital options such as email, SEO, display and retargeting ads, and pay-per-click search ads.

You may not even think about direct mail marketing at all, and if you do, you might consider it a dinosaur. If that’s the case, you’re missing out. Direct mail should have a huge role in your marketing plan, for several reasons.

Marketing for the Data Lover

Those who rely on digital marketing alone may do so because of their reliance on and trust in technology. After all, it does make everything easier and faster. Well, guess what. It also makes direct mail marketing easier and faster. The technology you use to make sure you reach the right customers through digital marketing is much the same as the tools you could use to get direct mail pieces into the right homes.

With this technology, you can obtain perfectly targeted mailing lists, segment those lists according to various psychographic dimensions, track each recipient throughout the entire buying process, and continue to build relationships after the first purchase has been made.

Integrating Direct Mail

Even hardcore digital marketing professionals acknowledge direct mail’s importance in a healthy marketing plan. Whether you’re using direct mail at the top of the marketing funnel, where you make potential buyers aware of your products and services, or you use it to nurture your leads through the buying process and beyond, you’re sure to see results.

Marketo, a marketing automation giant with specific focus on direct mail, agrees that 74% of consumers notice advertising in direct mail. That’s because 70% of your potential buyers are curious about what’s in their mailbox. They’ll always look. Even a brief glance at your mail ignites brand recognition.

Where Does Direct Mail Fit?

Your direct mail marketing fits absolutely anywhere in your marketing plan. In fact, you can use it to enhance your digital marketing tactics. We’ve explored how direct mail marketing can improve your SEO results, which in turn improves your pay-per-click conversions. You can also develop a combination of direct mail and email that consumers love. Finally, with personalized URLs and QR codes, you can direct traffic to your website, where a true relationship with your buyers can begin.

If you’d like to discover how direct mail marketing could fit into your marketing plan, give us a call. We’d love to help you create a customized plan that works just for you.