AMi Marketing Best Printer

Every business, big and small, needs an effective way to get the word out to the community they serve. For some, it means reaching out to one specific neighborhood. To others, they are embarking on a national or even global effort. Regardless, to compete in today’s business world, the right marketing tool is a critical choice.


So, where do we look and what do we look for?


There are so many printing resources to choose from! The internet alone has a myriad of choices. The most significant caveat in dealing with those large online companies is that your input is limited to your purchase of some stock design and agreeing to the entire order when you hit the ‘Send” button.


Local printers offer a far more personal touch. Your business is unique, and a local printer can help you create a lasting and effective marketing image. Not to mention, help connect you with your clientele in many different ways.


Luckily, the Middle TN area is a thriving metropolis. The population is growing daily, and business is booming! So, you do not have to go far at all to find a printer who can assist you with all your needs. After all, there’s no place like home!


There are actually a lot more things that a local printer can offer than you are aware of. With today’s technological advances, the list of things that can be accomplished grows every year. It is obviously critical to work within a set budget you share with your printer. Though, don’t be surprised. A lot can get done on even limited budgets.


We at AMi are rather happy with the custom printing and custom design we do here. We’d love to be your printing partner. Here are some of the ways we can help you:


Can You Work Within Our Budget?

AMi has repeatedly proven to work within strict budgets for many local Middle TN businesses. There are many ways to get your message delivered, and we can help!   


What Are Your Printing Options?


AMi uses Dynamic Content Printing, which is the use of individualized printed materials for a specific direct marketing campaign. We can manipulate the data so that each piece can contain different images and text! This is not only very cool but very efficient in reaching individual consumers.


AMi also uses Static Printing, which is valuable when you do not need the information to change at all for your customers. This is especially helpful concerning budgets.


AMi will help you decide whether a postcard is more effective than a brochure for a specific marketing event. Regardless of the means of communication, we can assist you with that. We will work with you on the drafts and final proof to be sure that the content is exactly what you want (color, text, images) before it is printed.  


What are the Limits to your Marketing?


AMi is your best choice for direct mail. We can reach any location you need your message delivered when you need to send it. We can assist you in timed releases so that material gets to the consumer exactly when it needs to – just in time for a sale or a fundraiser, for instance!


You want the best for your business! We do too! AMi Marketing would love to help you design, print, and mail all of your marketing materials.