direct mail PURL

Combining traditional and digital marketing efforts is the new black. Instead of relying on one or the other, many companies have attempted to create a mix that works best for their individual needs. This mixture could include as few as two components—perhaps direct mail and email—or as many as necessary to reach the target audience.

A PURL is one of the smallest but most important ingredients in a healthy marketing mixture. Direct mail does still have the highest success rates for opens and conversions. Still, there are those who prefer to conduct their research online, however they may have first discovered your company. In other words, that direct mail piece you sent could be the item that grabs a buyer’s attention, but it may not convince. This is where the PURL comes into play.

What Is a PURL?

The PURL, or personalized URL, serves several different purposes, the first of which is to direct traffic from your flyers, catalogs, letters, and postcards to your website. The PURL gives those potential customers a place to go when they want or need more information.

Could those prospects use Google to locate your business website? Of course, but do you want to take the chance that they might forget? Converting a prospect into a lead—and later into a customer—is hard enough without creating roadblocks for your buyers. Give them that website address and take the guesswork out of their research.

Besides, a PURL does so much more than just provide an address.

Track Your Results

It’s not easy to track metrics for direct mail marketing. Aside from increased sales, there are really only three ways to be sure recipients are receiving your direct mail. First, there are coupon codes, which give you an idea of how many people chose to participate in your special offer. Then, there are customized phone numbers that can track how many people call your company. Finally, personalized URLs help you keep up with how many people visit your website after receiving your mail.

Tracking those results relies on individual landing pages created for each direct mail piece. You can generalize the PURL to track numbers only, or you can get even more specific. With truly personalized URLs, you can learn as much about your website visitors as they’re learning about you.

Create Truly Personal Experiences

If you’re willing to take the biggest step and track individual visits, then you can learn a lot about your customers. With information about the pages they visit within your website, you gain a better understanding of the products and services they really need. Maybe the direct mail you sent advertised a product they don’t need but made them curious about other things you sell.

The more you learn about your customers, the better you can serve them. Product searches and purchases will help you segment your contact lists so that you send information about the things your customers need and want most.

Your willingness to combine direct and digital marketing techniques could really take your business to the next level. AMi has experience growing businesses through the use of PURLs and other digital marketing techniques. If you’d like to learn more about your options, reach out. We’re always here to help.