Learn about Direct Mail Marketing with AMi Marketing

There has to be a way to get my business into the hands of potential customers. Oh wait, there is! Direct Mail Marketing is the tried and proven marketing method that gets advertisements into the hands of potential customers. When your goal is to market your brand effectively, direct mail marketing is a go-to tool that still brings in results.


Here’s Why Direct Mail Is So Effective

A big reason behind the success of direct mail is the ability to target specific individuals based on a variety of parameters (not just where they live!). This means that you can market to individuals that are the most relevant for your brand. For example, a mail campaign with coupons to a grocery store can target a set audience in a drive-time radius to their store location.You can qualify the audience further by family size, if there are pets or children present,  and even if they rent or own their homes. The goal is to target individuals using their connection to your brand by offering services & products to the target audience that relate to them. With the connection established between audience and brand, the consumer is ready to take action! Action that includes getting more people to come into your store, try a product, make a call, learn more, and so on!


Variable Data and Dynamic Print

These tools tie into who is being targeted by presenting specific information to specific people. For example, if you are targeting larger families with children vs a newly married couple the message or images of the piece can change to resonate to that particular audience. An image of a family with children playing resonates more with the parents as they see the connection between the image and themselves. In contrast, the young married couple would see images of a loving couple having fun around town. By matching the images and messages to the audience’s lifestyle the connection to your brand is highlighted.


Almost every aspect of a marketing piece can be dynamic to the audience you are marketing to. On the extreme, every recipient could have a personalized message, image, fonts, copy, and call to action. At the minimum, the piece could contain their name to personalize the message. The more connections between the audience and marketing piece the greater your success will be.


Proactive Marketing

Direct mail gets your brand in your target audience’s hands - every single time. This gives direct mail marketing a huge advantage as your recipients have to touch your message. Especially with incentives such as coupons or special offers, the audience is motivated to respond. Remember, only mail that is not pertinent to the recipient is “junk mail”!


Timely and Available

Most traditional advertising efforts sync up to a monthly calendar. Billboards, magazines, newspapers, and even broadcast can be on a set calendar meaning at earliest you can get your campaign started on the 1st of the month. On top of this downfall, there is also only so much inventory for these types of advertising. Direct mail can be designed, sent, and received in less than a week! This gives direct mail another advantage as it is some of the fastest marketing efforts a business can do to stir up attention!



Automotive Direct Mail is something most of us have seen. You open your mailbox and low & behold there is an advertisement for a car. Is this type of advertising more effective to a family with kids if the marketing piece sees a van in the marketing piece? What about the young single executive? Would they prefer a luxury or sports car? Next time you see that car dealership or automotive manufacturer marketing piece come to your door look at it. Is there a reason you are seeing a minivan vs a truck? If the dealer is smart... yes!


For dealers especially, if you know what type of vehicle was purchased and what connected or worked with a customer - now is the chance to use it again. If a customer bought a red Toyota Camry 7 years ago and was very interested in the quality of the sound system the marketing piece being sent to this customer should tie that interest into the marketing piece. Send this customer marketing information about the new enhanced sound systems available in a red Toyota Avalon - the next tier above Camry. This relates to their interests and makes the marketing more personal -  thus a higher likelihood of engagement to the marketing.