What are the top 5 factors that can boost your printed pieces?

Direct mail pieces such as brochures and direct mail could be among the most effective marketing strategies. You can sweeten them with impact by adding extra elements, such as applying spot polish or metallic ink. Choosing the right paper could also reflect on your company. So, we will discuss the top 5 factors that can boost your printed pieces.

If you’re a marketer integrated who wants to make an impactful statement, nothing can make the same impact as printing. Even though it seems like a lot of digital marketing, printing is still the media we bring in our lives, spend time with, and cherish. What did you last write an email, then stick to your fridge? It’s not surprising that the fact that a direct mailer or postcard can stay in households for up to 17 days.

Yet, it would be best if you caught the target audience’s interest. To increase the impact of your printed materials, especially those targeted at those with high-value clients, you should consider adding some extra details to add “oomph” to your message.

1. Spot varnish/gloss

The process is as it sounds: applying a cute varnish to selected portions or areas of a page to give it depth and shine, making your content stand out. This method is commonly used in brochures and catalogues. You can communicate premium quality or elegance by using spot varnish to emphasize certain items or characteristics. You can check our services if you have any doubt.

2. Die-cuts

To put it into simple terms, die-cutting involves using a special machine to cut shapes out of paper. Die-cuts can be easy and practical, like making slashes in the folder and inserting the business card. You can also create intricate laser-cut designs that transform the brochure into a work of art or give your company card that “wow” effect.

3. Take into consideration the weight

Consider using a more substantial mass on your doc if your goal is to impress your buyers with class and telegraph quality. Besides offering your flyer weight and substance, heavier paper can stand up to repeated use and maintain its form. Certain weights are not suitable for every situation. However, an experienced printer can help you in selecting the appropriate paper. As we are the best creative design company in Nashville, you can always call us to clear out all your doubts.

4. Metallic inks

Give a glimmer to your printed items by using inks that contain reflective metallic elements that reflect light. Inks with metallic particles can give your artwork an edgy feel and an elegant, subtle look. But don’t select metallic inks to be “extra:” your piece must be designed with care by a graphic designer who knows how to utilize inks to create the best effect.

5. Sustainable solutions

Being environmentally conscious makes business sense. 75% of people are inclined to buy from those committed to bearable practices. We are proud of our loyalty to the earth. So, we’ll help you select options that reflect your values, which include printing and paper solutions that reduce waste. It will consume less energy and encourage tree management. You can also connect us if you still have any queries.

The Conclusion

Instead of considering these choices as “finishing touches,” we recommend thinking about these aspects during the initial stages of your design project. It’s as if you’re giving your designer added creative tools! Of course, you can check on us for better help. We are AMi Printing and offer the best direct marketing services in Nashville.