Top 5 working ideas for the painting business in 2022

Did you know there are more than 220,000 painting businesses within the US? The painting industry is extremely competitive, with numerous firms competing for a tiny number of potential clients. So, setting up an ad strategy to market painting is one of the most vital plans to stay ahead of the pack. So, today, we will explore the top 5 ideas that work in the painting business.

1. Create a Holistic Social Media Presence

Many potential clients learn about your offerings through your website or social media. But it would help if you were sure to use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You need those for organic and paid ads to display your work.

People are more likely to trust responsive and active companies on social media. So, you need to update your profiles regularly and respond to inquiries on your pages. Post photos and videos that showcase your expertise. Also, provide a consistent flow of content that keeps your audience informed about your latest initiatives. We suggest not being afraid to employ paid social media ads also.

2. Create Brochures

Printing custom brochures is one of many of the best marketing methods for companies that paint! Direct mail is a great option, or distribute brochures to customers to take a look at and then share with relatives and friends who may be interested.

Brochures come in various sizes and shapes, so you’re bound to find the right brochure for your needs. Design brochures that contain pictures from your projects, customer reviews from satisfied customers and a list of the prices and services offered by your company. You can check our services for printing the best brochure for your firm.

3. Increase Your Presence and Review through Third-Party Hiring Sites

3rd party websites can have a massive reach that you may not guess at first. Many property owners use websites like Angie’s List, or Taskrabbit to find the best painter or company to complete their work.

In these websites, raising the number of positive reviews is vital. Ensure each client leaves your review online so other buyers can learn about your top-quality service and happy customers. You can always learn more about it by contacting us. Meanwhile, we are AMi Printing – they offer the best printing services in Brentwood, TN.

4. Create an enticing referral program

When looking at the various marketing plans for a painting firm, you should not overlook the importance of social connections. People tend to have their families and friends to rely on for advice for pro artists. You can also seek help from us to set up a referral program.

It would be best to use your contacts to benefit yourself by setting up an alluring referral program. That includes special offers that benefit both the referrer and the future client. A well-crafted referral system can provide new leads and prop your existing relationships with no money or time investment. It allows you to market your painting business!

5. Create the Google My Business Account

Google is an online tool that is at your fingertips. With all the queries related to the painting industry and how to hire painting firms, making sure that the Google My Business account is highly ranked in search results is crucial to achieving marketing success and rising clicks in the local area. Now, if you need any help with setting up an account, AMi Printing is always there for you.

The Conclusion

So, those are some of the best ideas that practically work in the painting business. Remember, we are here to help you as we offer the best direct marketing services in Nashville.