Top 5 Kinds of Signage at Fitness Centers and Gyms

There is a genuine rise of memberships in Fitness centres as people make resolutions to be healthier in the New Year. As indoor sports like basketball, volleyball, and other forms of training get underway, gyms and training centres are also more popular. You can also consider redesigning the signage in your gym, exercise studio, or gymnasium. This will create a more welcoming environment and make visitors feel more confident. Today, we will talk about the use of signage at gyms. These are the five most common types of signage that we can help with in your gym.

1. Notices and policies

Remind your guests about safety procedures and warn them of potential dangers. If you are unsure how to design the best signage, you can get our help. We are the best creative design company in Nashville.

2. Directional

A gym can be massive. So, wayfinding signs help direct people to the right places. So, the idea is to use directional signage to indicate routes to toilets, locker rooms, saunas, spas, and other areas. You can also use these signs to inform people about emergency exit plans or the location of safety equipment. Not only is it a safety protocol, but it also looks good.

3. ADA signage

Gyms must welcome people with disabilities. An ADA Signage might include signs pointing to elevator buttons. It also directs visitors to accessible facilities within the centre. It helps a lot of those people in need. Thus, designing these signages makes sense, and one should be able to read them with ease.

4. Announcements

One should be able to see signs-ads, special events, classes, promotions, or new policies throughout the facility. These signs can be large-format banners in windows or hanging ceiling signs that advertise special discounts and other offers. It is more of a commercial move. Thus, the design should be appealing. You can ask for our help if you are in doubt!

5. Marketing and branding

Reaffirm your brand and attract new clients by displaying marketing messages at your entry, windows, and other high-visibility places. You can use vinyl graphics and lettering for these signs, murals and welcome banners. Whatever you choose, make sure your fonts, colors, and materials are consistent. It is a part of your overall branding. So, this kind of signage is vital here!

The Conclusion

It’s a great time to look at your signage and make any necessary updates. We can create eye-catching, creative signage for your marketing and communication needs, no matter if it is an indoor gym that requires new signage or any other type of facility. So, these are the top 5 kinds of signage ideally suited for your gym. Contact us today to find out more about our options!