Top 5 emails ideally suited to the real-estate business

Even in today’s overheated housing market, the results might not be seen in a flash. Some customers or buyers are months or years before they’re ready to make a decision, and email marketing is the ideal way to keep those affinities alive. Here are 5 crucial emails you can send to increase trust and inspire your buyers to act for the real-estate business. So, let us jump in!

1. Opt-in confirmations

Yes, it’s an automated, basic mail that future buyers will receive once they sign up on your site. However, this is why it’s vital. It’s best to begin with a solid foundation, build confidence and let your email subscribers know what they can expect. It’s good for your business also, as the double opt-in procedure will help improve your email’s performance. As your emails are crucial to setting relationships, you should take the time to consider the info you’re supplying and what you’re asking for on your website’s opt-in form.

2. A personalized welcome email

In an industry that relies on services, such as real estate, the small aspects can create (or break) an impression. After registering, send out a welcome email customized with a salutation (e.g., start the email with a greeting such as “Hi you, Mr. Sellers, I’m looking forward to collaborating with you,” as opposed to “Dear Buyer, if you’re considering buying a new house, we can help”). You can automate these emails. However, future clients will be impressed if you try to personalize them with information specific to them. Now, if you can also learn to write a decent email, you can ping us for help.

3. Announcements about new listings or open houses that include videos

Video has always been a crucial marketing tool. In fact, if you add a video to your email can boost open rates by as high as 19% and clickthrough rates by as much as 65%. Real estate professionals, including video in their new listing emails is vital 70% of buyers believe they are more likely to sell with an agent who employs video as part of their ad. Apart from email, you could promote these events through your social media channels or send glossy postcards.

4. Local guides

In these highly competitive markets, many people buy homes without seeing them. In 2020, most buyers made an offer on an undiscovered property. You can differentiate yourself from clients who live outside the area by regularly sending articles or guides on topics such as restaurants, schools, and the real estate market. These guides are useful and will allow you to be at the doorstep of potential clients more frequently without being perceived as “hard to sell.”

5. Thank you or follow-up emails

Never miss the opportunity to connect personally with your clients and tell them how much you value their business. Sellers and buyers who feel cared for are more likely to recommend to their family and friends and spread the word through social media.

The Conclusion

So, that concludes the top 5 emails which are ideally suited to the real-estate business. Meanwhile, if you need our help, we are here for you! We are AMi Printing and provide the best direct marketing services in Nashville.