Target Millennials with Direct Mail Marketing

The Millennial Generation is among the most talked about and studied in history.

Their buying habits, social habits and professional habits are drivers of culture and business; marketers and businesses spend huge amounts of money trying to appeal to them.

Many people assume that marketing to Millennials should lie solely in the digital realm; after all, Millennials are glued to their phones and screens, right?

Not exactly.

This generation has shown more variety in their tastes and habits than we often realize.

One of the biggest departures in the marketing conversation? Stats show that Millennials respond to direct mail.

Let’s take a look at some of the hard facts on marketing to Millennials and how direct mail can fit into your strategy.

1. Recent Studies Show: Millennials Respond to Direct Mail

Contrary to popular belief, Millennials don’t actually prefer digital methods of advertising or marketing.

A recent study from Quad Graphics reveal that Millennials react more strongly to direct mail, retail inserts and catalogues.

77% of Millennials reported responding to direct mail, which indicates a much higher engagement with the medium than many marketers and brands realize.

The study also revealed that Millennial purchasing decisions are not hugely influenced by social media. Few Millennials reported having made a purchasing solely because of something they had seen on social media.

These figures should be telling, especially if your brand has discounted direct mail as a tactic for targeting Millennials in your marketing.

2. Ditch the Formality

One thing that every company needs to know before marketing to Millennials: ditch the stuffy, formal style.

Millennials are part of the work-from-home, jeans-and-t-shirts school of thought. They don’t value a buttoned-up approach. In fact, they actively dislike it.

Marketing methods that incorporate impersonal, business-as-usual rhetoric likely won’t appeal to the Millennials you’re trying to target. Instead, your copy should be casual and direct, using language that the average person can understand.

3. Consider a Rewards Program

Recent studies show that up to 80% of Millennials are part of rewards programs. That is a mind-boggling number, especially when you compare it to Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, where the number is much lower.

Millennials have shown an unprecedented level of loyalty to their favorite brands, but those brands have to deliver the rewards that Millennials want.

4. Incorporate Digital Aspects

While it’s true that Millennials don’t necessarily value digital marketing above all else, it’s still important to incorporate digital aspects into your direct marketing mix.

A recent study from the Pew Research Center showed that 86% of U.S. adults between the ages of 18 and 29 own a smartphone.

This presents a huge opportunity to incorporate some digital marketing into your direct marketing efforts. It also gives you an opportunity to gather more information about your Millennial audience!

Consider including QR codes in your direct marketing mailers, offering your recipients the chance to whip out their smart phones and get connected to a specialized landing page.

The USPS even offers incentives to companies who include QR codes--through the end of 2016, you can get an upfront 2% discount on postage when you include codes in your mailers.

Creating a great landing page (with opportunities to purchase) will give your brand more opportunity to gather information about your audience and provide better targeting in future campaigns.

5. Use Value-Centric Language

In recent research from Accenture, more than half of Millennial respondents said that when buying, they seek the “cheapest return option.”

Another study from CMO showed that Millennials value savings more than brand name.

Because they came of age during a precarious time economically, the Millennial mindset is cost-driven.

Incorporating value-centered marketing language in your marketing materials can catch their attention, and stand out among your competitors.

The conversation surrounding marketing to Millennials is hardly over. There’s plenty of research, information and knowledge available, to help your company adapt its direct marketing tactics to the Millennial audience.

Are you ready to reach this important demographic with direct marketing?

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