Is Summer Good for Business - AMI

Things are slowing down, but wake up! They don’t have to be!

Summertime is a prime time to gather up some new ideas and promote to a large portion of people who are most likely all experiencing the same trials and tribulations of HEAT.

During this particular season, the time is ripe for all businesses, small and large, to come up with appealing ways to attract to these people; (aka: potential customers.)

Here are some ideas!

Own a mowing/lawn-care company?

Use direct-mail to entice existing and new customers with some common sense. The heat of the summer should not be faced alone! In other words, make it clear that whatever the business does, make the customer want to pay for those needed services!

In this heat, now wouldn’t that be nice?

Own a snow-cone business only open during the hot summer months?

HEY! COUPONS!They can be a best friend in times like these. Customized coupons will also tell the community crucial information about location, hours, and expected price range.

Own a car-fixer-upper business and specialize in something the competitors in the area don’t??

PROMOTE IT! People will come.

Business doesn’t have to slow down just because it’s summertime. Think of all the reasons why customers would need a service done, or how to get them interested during this season and make it happen!