direct mail engagement

Once you send those direct mail postcards, letters, and flyers out, you lose control of how those mail pieces affect your customers, right? Well, not exactly. While you can’t force them to read or gauge their reactions the way you might with a door-to-door visit or a phone call, you can still include elements that guarantee some form of engagement. Now, what are those elements? Let’s investigate.

Targeted Buyer Personas

If someone receives a piece of mail that feels personal and touches upon their individual pain points, they will stop to read. That’s why addressing postcards to the “resident” of the house or to the last name of the home’s residents is never a good move. You want your letters to reach the exact person they’re meant to persuade, and that means understanding that buyer, knowing his or her name, and presenting the exact information that buyer needs.

Does targeting buyer personas take a lot of time and hard work? Of course it does. You could probably spend half the time and even money on sending out generic mailers to twice as many people, but does that really help? If you’re not reaching your buyers, then no one’s buying, right?

Your Brand Voice

If your brand is known for tranquility and peace, yet you send out postcards filled with shouty capital letters and exclamation points, you’re going to confuse someone. When you work with high-earning professionals but mail flyers filled with trendy slang, your buyers will have no idea how to respond. On the upside, you’ll definitely get their attention. The downside, however, is that they won’t ever trust your brand again.

Solve Pain Points

Your target audience has a specific set of needs, and they want to know you can meet them. Getting the attention of your buyers is often just as simple as that. You should know exactly what your buyers need from your company and why they need it. What problems do your products and services solve for your customers? How do your products and services solve those problems? Answer these questions, and your buyers will definitely read.

Focus on Benefits

Let’s talk about the benefits of your products and services. Many marketers like to point out features—things like capacity, space, quality, quantity. Sure, features are great, but they don’t actually sell your products and services. What really sells is the benefit of those features. How will your customers benefit from more and better? What life, work, and financial improvements will ensue? That’s how to really keep those recipients involved with your direct mail pieces.

Have a Goal in Mind

You can’t just send out direct mail pieces willy-nilly. Sure, it’s great to make sure your brand stays top-of-mind with your buyers, but not if their first thought of you is followed by an eyeroll. When you send out direct mail marketing pieces, have a reason and make that reason clear. Are you introducing new products or services? Providing a coupon or discount? Whatever your reason, make sure there’s a CTA that follows. This will provide buyers with a next step, which also moves you closer to your goal.

Are you ready to stop sending out direct mail marketing pieces that no one reads? These tips will help you increase engagement. We can walk you through the process and help you build your business, so reach out at any time. We’d love to know how these tips work when put into practice.