Website Design and Development

"As a small nonprofit, AMi's team and the array of services offered makes it so easy to accomplish a number of tasks in one place, with quality results in the end."
Mindy Tate
Franklin Tomorrow & Friends of Franklin Parks, LLC

Your website is bad and you know it! OK, OK, maybe it isn't that bad.... but when was the last time you reviewed it? Have you looked at competitors websites? Are you noticing less and less leads coming in online? The average lifespan of a website for small and medium-size businesses is only 3 years while industry leaders on the other side are constantly updating, rebuilding, and expanding their online presence. Maybe it is time for a website evaluation?

Presenting Your Business to the World!

Websites are an essential element to your customers and prospects. A great website design keeps website visitors on your site longer which gives you an advantage for influencing them to not only learn more about your business, but to convert them into new customers! Web design only goes so far though. A properly developed website can do numerous things in today's world. From keeping product inventory, providing customer service, take orders, e-commerce, market your business, educate, and on and on and on. If you can do it on your phone or computer.... you can probably do it on a website! (Or we will figure out how to!) 

AMi Marketing's Website Development Pros!



Your website is the best opportunity to present yourself to customers, prospects, and your community. The most interaction most prospects will ever have with you before they turn into a customer is based on what your website looks like. This 'look' and 'feel' the website converys gives prospects confidence in your service offerings. It is imperative to ensure your branding is established and communicated well via the website. Our team of marketing experts will focus on refining, developing, and presenting your brand effectively on the website to make your business look great!


In-House Development

With all the ways to make websites from WordPress, Squarespace, Drupal, Joomla, and more there are countless ways to go about making a website. What is important about your website project is that YOU as a decision maker for your business know your options. Some website solutions are better for certain aspects while others are available for other needs. With our in-house marketing experts and website developers review our client's needs they will make a recommendation that provides for your specific needs, and because we do it in-house, we are eager to share our work by being open & transparent with our customers. After all, once we build it, it is your website!


Content Marketing

Who cares if you have an awesome website if it is full of empty pages. A website needs impactful content that looks great, entertains, educates, and inspires! Content is imperative to express not only what your business offers, but why this prospective future customer should do business with you! Content is also a huge part of the equation on how your website shows up on search engines like Google or Bing. You have to illustrate the qualities of your business, your audience, and why people should do business with you to rank in search engines. We can not emphasize this enough as search engines generate the vast majority of all traffic to websites! Is it time to evaluate your current website's content?


Business Results

This is the big thing - why have a marketing tool if it doesn't generate leads and revenue for your business. Your website needs to be focused on making your website visitors pick up the phone, drive over, fill out forms, and start the order process! Our website development team understands this & builds with that in mind. There has to be a 'funnel' built into the website in both design and functionality to generate action. How many leads is your current website bringing you?


Why use AMi for Website Development

15 years of marketing services throughout Tennessee and clients across the USA gives AMi Marketing the know-how & marketing experiences to advise all kinds of businesses, nonprofits, and more. We are dedicated to seeing your marketing grow in success to provide the return on investment. 

Let's talk Money

AMi Marketing offers a range of options for your website needs. To start the conversation, our website development team is ready to provide a free review of your current website & online presence. Reach out to get your free review to learn about your options today!

Ok - when does the website launch? How long does it take?

Our minimum recommendations will be a website that contains it least 5 web pages. Even on this minimum recommendation, this means our team needs to generate or be provided with a lot of content, graphics, and input! Most of our website builds can be finished within a few weeks if not faster once all the content is arranged for. What is important about this timeframe is when we start. If your business sees a lot of revenue in Spring optimally your new website would be up in the months prior. This is important as search engines need to recognize all the changes, new content, and abilities your business offers. 

Whats the catch?

Providing the levels of service AMi Marketing provides take your input as well! We are eager to get started on your website project, provide your team with designs, content to read, and a website up and running as soon as possible.