Print Services

"AMi has been a trusted vendor of mine since 2006. They have helped me through very large, highly personalized, segmented direct mail campaigns and large internal communications print jobs, as well as basic needs like business cards and collateral materials. Their ability to meet my hectic deadlines and always fit my budget with a high level of customer service all keep me coming back."
Amber Hurdle
Moxie Internal Relations
Labeling Print pieces before mailing to clients

Is it possible to individualize a letter or card to everyone on my list? The answer is YES!

Studies show a person is more likely to open mail with their name on it as compared to something that’s just addressed to the “Current Resident."

Dynamic Content Printing

Dynamic Content Printing is the utilization of individualized printed materials during a direct marketing campaign. This allows you to manipulate the data so that each piece can contain different text or images.

For example, Tom lives at 123 Main St. and loves vinyl records, but Eric from 124 Main St. prefers to collect cassette tapes. Luckily, your music store sells both. AMi can send personalized mailers to both Tom and Eric that will contain messaging and images that appeal to their specific interests and needs. Tom gets a flyer featuring record deals, while Eric will get one talking about the comeback of cassettes. Everyone wins!

This is what we call Dynamic Content printing, which we combine with our mail lists to drive personalization.

Are you producing a catalog, flyer, brochure, sign, postcard, business cards, letters, envelopes, or other marketing pieces?

Our printing services are specialized to meet your needs, for every stage of the process:

  • Design

    Don't know the first thing about design? Our team is filled with design experts who can help you create a look that says what you need to say.

  • Printing

    With variable options and multiple messages, you can target who you want, with the messages you want to send.

  • Mailing

    Don't worry about your materials reaching their destination on time. With our mailing services, we can help you maintain your schedule, meet your deadlines and help you accomplish your goals.

  • Shipping

    We can help you package your mailers and get them ready for their journey into the world, on your timeline and within your budget.

Static Printing

If you have no need to vary the information being used for your printed materials, static printing also has many benefits. Offering the opportunity for printing in bulk and delivering based on repetition or budgets, Static Printing is a valuable resource for any business needing to reach multiple audiences. 

Static Printing works when everyone within a specific geographic area can use your product, like a pizza restaurant.

Whatever Your Needs, AMi Can Help

Whether you are looking for a static message or a highly personalized message, we can print it for you. If the information is contained in your database, we can utilize it to create a mail piece that is as unique as each client. Do you want different images on each mail piece?

Are you looking for different models or products that a customer has bought in the past? We can do that for you!

Are you looking for 4 color envelopes but don’t want to buy 100,000? We can help. Do you need business cards or letterhead? We can do that as well. Do you need 100,000 brochures? You guessed it; AMi has you covered!

Leveraging Technology To Get Results

A client came to us needing each piece of their mail to be different from the next. From pictures and fonts to data and logos, every aspect of each letter was altered to create truly unique mailings. Not only was this order for the letters but for the envelopes as well.

Our team worked with them to create a database with multiple variables and then applied logic to the system to pull the correct data from the database, thus creating the individual pieces.

Each week, this mailing increased, and the program was highly successful because it was so personalized to the recipient.