Fulfillment Center

"We used AMi’s list, packaging and mailing services to send out an introductory package to potential new clients.  We followed that up with an email campaign. Both the mail and email lists were provided by AMi.  Our analytics show that every prospect that received the package with a promotional item in the package opened EACH of our 3 email solicitations.  The promotional package gave us a warm introduction into their companies.  Thank you AMi for sourcing out the best mail and email list for us to use and for getting the promotional piece into the hands of the decision makers."  
Brandon Holt
Shipping and organizing printed collateral for all of your business fulfillment needs

Getting products to customers has never been easier when you use our Nashville fulfillment center. From processing orders to mailing out your items, AMi delivers!

Got Orders? We've Got You Covered!

Drop shipping and product fulfillment services are a simple way to get mailed items into the hands of customers faster and more efficiently than ever before. Using these services also capitalizes on discounts from suppliers and saves on shipping and handling charges.

At AMi, we have drop shipping and fulfillment services down to a science. In fact, our processes are so refined, you could consider us the Walter White of the mailing world. Just take a look at a few of our services and how we operate to see what we mean.

Drop Ship Suppliers

Do you need a large volume of mail sent out to different locations at different times? AMi has you covered!

When we print your mail, we customize the piece in advance to allow for printing in bulk and shipping in multiple drops based on your time or budget needs.

Pick and Pack

In a world where you can place an order online and have items delivered within the hour, getting your products or mail into the hands of customers quickly is more important than ever before.

If you have stock that needs to be stored and shipped on a schedule or as requested, AMi is your direct mail solution. Here's how it works:

  • Warehousing

    Store your items at our Nashville-based fulfillment center.

  • Processing

    Have your items pulled and prepped to go out when an order is placed.

  • Packaging

    From boxes to envelopes, AMi has what it takes to get your items to their destination safely.

  • Shipping

    Gone are the days of having to transport your packages to the post office and deal with the costs and red tape of getting your mail to its final destination. We've got you covered!

Do you need packages with multiple items assembled and shipped to customers all over the world? Our warehouse team is experienced in even the most complex assembly and shipping. Let us take care of your pick and pack needs swiftly and accurately.

Getting The Job Done Right, Every Time

We work with a national non-profit that provides information to hospitals, doctor’s offices, and individuals that need a bone marrow transplant.

When a hospital requires 100 copies of a particular book or flyer, all they have to do is give us a call and their order is fulfilled that day.

You may be asking yourself, “What happens if a patient or a patient’s caregiver just wants a single copy of the book?” The answer is, we fill those orders too!

The one thing we’re concerned with is getting this information into their hands as quickly as possible. So, we make sure that happens.

Because the customer is a non-profit organization, they are always looking at their bottom line to see how they can save money in. We assist them and all of our clients in looking at all the ways to ship the product in order to make we are shipping it as economically as possible and the recipient receives the material in a timely fashion.