Drop Shipping

"AMi is the perfect one stop shop for direct marketing. Quick turnaround, great prices, and everything else you would want. They have been great to work with."
Jason Loeb
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A man packing a print order for drop shipment.

Get you project shipped quickly with AMi's drop shipping service. You'll be able to get your job shipped on time and track it along the way.

Drop Shipping

The USPS can take up to 2 weeks to get something across the county and 2-3 days to get something next door via Marketing Mail.  Sometimes that is fine, but most often you want your mailings to hit all your recipients at the same time and on a specific day.  We can do that for you!  With our drop shipping program we can get all of your mail in homes when you need it there.  If you have people waiting at a call center you want the phones ringing.  If you are having a customer event at your store you want customers there.  We can make this happen for you no matter where your customers are in the country.

  • Sort

    Sort the mail file to the USPS centers closest to the end customers.  Our software determines the closest postal center to each of your customers.  We target those centers. 
  • Ink Jet

    Ink Jet the mail and sort it to the freight carrier specifications and USPS requirements.
  • Release

    Release the mail to hit the required in-home dates – this is a timed release, as mail going a few blocks away will get to the center sooner than one we are freighting to Idaho.  We release based on your requirements.  We do not release based on which days our freight goes to particular centers. 
  • Track

    Track and trace the shipments to ensure in home dates are met.  Our team of freight experts watches each carrier and knows when they have released the mail to the USPS and then we watch via tracking programs to see when it arrives in the mail box. 

A Timely Team

We have a dedicated team of professionals that monitor the shipments to make sure they arrive at the USPS when required within the time requirements to get it into the mail box when you want it there.  We have over 25 years in the freight and drop shipping business. 

We monitor length of time in all regions of the country to determine when your mail needs to leave our dock, when it leaves the USPS centers to arrive in the mailboxes when you want it there.  Each drop ship program that we process is custom made to your requirements.