Direct Marketing

"The team at AMi was great to work with and highly responsive when my timelines were changing. The quality of the pieces was great and I was informed immediately of an issue that did occur, which I really appreciated. I'd definitely recommend them for direct mail needs and will be using them again in the future for sure."
Anne McGraw
Political Candidate
Direct Marketing through the mail to market your business

At AMi Marketing, our business is growing yours through targeted direct marketing. Give your marketing an advantage through AMi Marketing!

Connecting With Customers

Direct Marketing: Connecting directly to customers. This includes methods of marketing by which a company deals directly with its end customers, including mail order by catalog or the advertising of goods. AMi Marketing targets your audience with "calls to action" and specific solutions geared toward your specific demographic.

Our marketing experts will review your past promotional program keying in on who you mailed to, what offers you made, what the copy was, and what type of promotional product was used. All this for the purpose of helping you make it more effective the next time around. The AMi Marketing advantage is that we always look at marketing from the perspective of, “How do we take this effort a step further?” In this way, we can create greater measurable results that will help increase a geographic and demographic reach, and the overall sales funnel. Combine this with our proven experience and expertise is how we have proven results!

The Game Plan: Smart Products, Smarter People

AMi Marketing's approach is geared toward gaining you a higher ROI (Return on Investment). We sit down with you and review your objectives. We collaborate with you on the type of message to send and who to send it to. We are your in-house marketing team. 

How will AMi Marketing work for you?

  • Review Your Past Marketing Efforts

    We take a deep dive into your promotional efforts of the past, examining what you've done, how well it worked and what you should change.

  • Collaborate On Your Future

    Who should get your message and what should it say? Our team will help you choose your language, angle and audience.

  • Find the Technology You Need

    Our technology can help you target your lists, improve your designs and get the results you're looking for.

  • Innovate for Better Results

    We will look at your marketing and figure out how to take it a step further. We will capitalize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, helping you reach the next level.

Delivering Results...

Sometimes the best partnerships are built on what we salvage from difficult situations.

We were able to gain a national chain freight company as a client due to the competition’s inability to perform tasks on time.

The competition was unable to consistently hit important key dates, causing our client to miss many target events that were imperative for the success of their facilities. Because we are faster, on time, and consistently able to hit the in-home requirements, the client has remained with us for more than 10 years.

Since gaining this client, we have consistently hit those pertinent dates 98.79% of the time. We have an entire crew of staff dedicated to staying on the phones to check with our freight companies and with the USPS to make sure the product is delivered when our client needs it.

We go the extra mile for our clients and make sure we can turn on a dime when needed.

...And Doing It Quickly

Each year we handle literal tons of political mail for candidates.

These candidates must respond to anything that changes in the area where they are campaigning, when another candidate has made false statements, or when news breaks.

Because so many rapid changes happen in the political environment, it’s imperative for candidates to get their view across to their potential voters immediately. There are times that we might have to turn 20-25 political ads around in the same day, get them to the post office closest to their voters, and into mailboxes as soon as possible to ensure the candidates’ point of view is known. This not only takes fast turnaround capabilities, but also teamwork amongst our employees in our pressroom, bindery area, and our mailing and shipping areas.

Having great rapport with the USPS also helps enable us to get this type of mail into the hands of voters quickly, another very important aspect to this process.

Our ability to swiftly put a candidate’s message out to the public has resulted in several great relationships with politicians from around the region, state, and nation.

Talk with us in advance to make sure we get you the best service for your marketing strategy.