Digital Marketing

"AMi is our mailing consultant and they know the postal industry inside and out. I trust them with all my mailing services. They respond quickly to all my questions and have great follow up. They are great partners to work with and I would recommend them to any business for direct mail services."
Derby Jones
Williamson Herald

How easy it for your customers to find you? Are they 'Googling' and just seeing your competitors? How did those reviews or wrong phone number even get on the internet?!?! Now is the time to take control of your digital presence with AMi Marketing!

Real Results Real Fast

Our digital marketing experts are specialized in getting the results your business needs fast. Digital Marketing isn't just about some quick bandaids on your website, it is an all-inclusive plan of action to make it easier for prospective customers to find you online. Our team uses it years of online marketing experience to build roads for prospects to get in front of your website, learn about your services, and of course get a conversion! Why are you doing marketing if you aren't getting results! 

How does AMi, Inc accomplish your digital marketing goals?

  • Digital Research

    Call in the nerds! But in all seriousness, we need to evaluate & review not only your website, but your overall digital presence as well as what your competition looks like. This defines everything that needs to be fixed, what is missing, and where the opportunities are for your company to get in front of your prospects fast!

  • Dedicated Team of Digital Marketers

    Our digital marketing team is comprised of a combination of website developers, content marketers, and online digital specialist who have studied search engines for years. This combination of skills let us ensure your website is growing in web traffic as well as getting put in front of the audience that best suits your needs. 

  • Reputation and Location Digital Management

    Google, Apple Maps, Waze, and more on the way. There are numerous ways that people are simply looking for a "Roofer Nashville" or "Cheeseburger near me". Combine those searches with all the ways that individuals can easily come across reviews & testimonials about your company online. Unfortunately, even if those reviews are false or from disgruntled individuals... they still have an impact on decision-makers who are trying to decide who to do business with. Most businesses don't have a strategy to build out their online digital infrastructure to make sure their business is easy to find, monitors reviews from the countless thousands of websites, and all while pushing out great content to continue to grow that presence... This is where AMi Marketing comes in!

  • Content Marketing

    Of course we are going to perform keyword research to define what keywords are getting searched, how many impressions they are generating, and what the competition is doing to stay in front of them... but that doesn't mean anything if the content we are publishing for our clients isn't awesome! Our content marketers dedicate themselves to the brands we work with to emulate the proper voice, research the topic properly, and develop A+ content. The goal for any content marketing remaining the same across the board. We want to build the content so it pulls in traffic from search engines.... but the content still has to be informative and entertaining to keep visitors on our clients' websites! The longer visitors stay on a website the more likely their decision will be impacted! By keeping that prospective visitor on your website you are more and more likely to have a new customer!

That's Great - but what the heck is Digital Marketing? 

Everyone comes across traditional marketing if they want to or not! From radio commercials to TV, billboards, and that great sign spinner on the side of the street. Traditional marketing & advertising efforts is something physically tangible that you can feel and touch..... but how do you get your business in front of prospective customers when they aren't looking at those billboards - they are looking at the phone all day?!?! What if you want to get in front of customers who have a higher level job - individuals who use computers a lot? What if you simply want to make it easy for people to find your business online when they are 'Googling' for you???

Digital Marketing are the efforts employed to maintain and strengthen your internet presence. If you want to get in front of more people online be it their computer, tablet, or phone.... then you better have a digital marketing strategy in place or you are falling behind your competition. 

Why Do I Need Digital Marketing?

Leads, referrals, and service! Websites are the storefront window of our world. Your online presence is going to set the first expectations your potential customers have with your business. These prospects are influenced by not only who shows up first in search results (who goes on the 2nd page of search results.... NO ONE!), online reviews, and recommendations from their social networks. If your business isn't showing up for the needs of these customers... most assuredly a competitor is.

How Long until I see results?

Depends on the status of your online presence. Do you need a new website or can we work with the one you have? Do you have an established presence or are we starting from zero? Either way, our team of digital marketing pros are going to investigate to make actionable items based on what is going to get you the fastest results, what needs to get started ASAP because it takes the longest, and what other needs have to be addressed such as branding, graphic design, or content. With any of these time is of the essence. It takes time for our team to provide the service - we are pretty fast mind you!!! - but even when we launch a new website or help our clients with their online reputation management search engines like Google still need to review, evaluate, and attribute this new information we put out into the world wide web. 

Whats the catch?

The catch is this - by reaching out to our team we are going to provide you with a free review of your website. AMi Marketing is glad to provide this type of insight and feedback to our community and clients to keep them engaged & educated in their own marketing efforts.