real estate direct mail

A solid marketing plan for the New Year probably includes a fair amount of digital marketing. As technology evolves, it’s pretty hard to ignore the convenience email, social media, and pay-per-click advertising. In fact, you may get so wrapped up in the digital marketing strategies that you forget one technique that has worked for decades: direct mail.

Direct mail has long been a Realtor’s best friend, and for good reason. If you’ve let it slide in favor of other tactics, it’s time to examine some of the mail pieces you should send in the New Year.

Community Catalog

Brand new communities and subdivisions should have a catalog or magazine packed with information for nearby neighbors. You can share floor plans of the expected homes, lists of amenities, and information about the surrounding area. These catalogs or magazines could be the perfect introduction to the community where you plan to sell homes in the future. After all, catalogs tend to get more engagement than any other type of direct mail you may send.

Coming Soon Postcards

It’s always a great idea to send Coming Soon postcards to residents in the area of the forthcoming listing. You never know if someone in the community has family or friends moving to the area. These neighbors will be your biggest assets as you begin marketing your new listing, too. If they have advance notice that a home will be hitting the market soon, you might just have people lined up the moment the property is officially listed.

Seeking Property Letters

If you’re lucky enough to have a waiting list of buyers with no inventory to sell, a letter to property owners in desirable areas could yield excellent results. In many cases, homeowners have considered selling but are afraid they’ll have trouble finding buyers.

Your letter will let them know you have those buyers lined up and ready. In other cases, homeowners have no idea how much their homes are worth. You could inspire several to list their homes with you once they realize the return on their initial investment.

Open House Flyers

For every open house, you should alert the nearby neighbors. You may end up with a lot of people who just want to take a look around. If even one of those knows someone seriously looking for a new home, then your open house flyers will be worth your trouble.

In addition to reaching a whole new audience for the homes for which you’re holding open houses, you’ll also give neighbors some idea of the prices for homes in their area. They might just decide it’s time to sell and move up.

To explore the various direct mail marketing solutions real estate agents have, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re ready and waiting to help you grow your business in the New Year.