direct marketing checkup

We’ve covered a lot of information over the past six months, so we thought it might be time to stop and do a quick checkup to make sure your direct mail marketing efforts are still on track. It’s easy to lose some of the facts in the shuffle, especially when those facts are come at you like baseballs from a fast-pitch machine.

Let’s take a look at your favorite direct mail campaigns from the past six months. We’ll talk about the tactics and inside knowledge you could use, and you determine if you missed a spot. Ready?

Brand Identification

Did you identify yourself on the outside of each mail piece you sent? If not, buyers probably tossed the envelope before even opening it. In addition to identifying your company, which definitely boots open rates, you also foster brand recognition. You want that logo and brand name in front of people as often as possible, right? Don’t skip this opportunity.

Updated Mailing Lists

Mailing lists degrade at an alarming rate. Whether the recipients move or sign up for “no junk mail” lists, the fact remains that the addresses you have right now may not reach anyone. Take time every three months or so to clean up your contact lists and add new names. If you keep working from the same one, eventually none of the mail you send will reach a customer.

Segmented Contact Lists

If you’re going through the trouble of cleaning up your contact lists, you might as well segment them, too. This does take time and a greater-than-average understanding of your customers if you want to do it correctly. Consider more creative ways to separate your buyers—something beyond age, gender, and location. You’ll be surprised at how many more people open your mail when you’re addressing their exact needs.

Personalized Content

The mail you send from segmented contact lists can make an even greater impact if you simply address the recipient by name. People love to see and hear their names, and they really do react. Stop addressing “Or Current Resident” and call your customers by name.

Customized Content

If you know who your buyers are, where they are, how old they are, and what they like, why wouldn’t you tailor each message to reach each individual? Variable data printing makes it easier than ever to provide each person with the information they want to see. That ensures recipients want to see the message every time.

Targeted Design

You may want to consider different design tactics depending on your target audience. Younger buyers like to see more graphics, while older buyers prefer the text. If you need to print two or more versions of the same marketing materials, the cost is definitely worth it. Wouldn’t you like to know the recipients actually read and engage with the mail?

Target the Buyers’ Journey

What’s the point of sending out general mail to buyers who’ve been loyal customers for years? What about sending a mailer designed to convert prospects to leads when the recipients haven’t had any exposure to your company before? Both of these are big misses, especially since your data can help you determine which consumers are ready to buy and which need some more information first.

Tell a Story

Whether your story takes place in one particular mailer or covers the course of several within a campaign, the important thing is just that you tell it. Buyers really connect to stories—something that wraps them up and carries them along. Show your other buyers’ reasons for making a purchase, share your reasons for starting your company, or just develop a killer marketing campaign. Whatever you do, tell a story.

Focus on Decision Makers

If your direct mail isn’t reaching the decision maker in each household, you’ll get nowhere. Studies show that women are that target in many cases. In others, you may even try reaching the teens and young adults in the home. When you skip this step, your mail remains unopened.

Coordinated Digital Marketing

It’s hard to ignore digital marketing in this era, so don’t. Direct mail still achieves the best results. However, adding a personalized URL to each piece helps you track the responses. Also add your social media information so you can remain top of mind between your mail pieces.

As always, a professional partner can help you along the way. You won’t miss any of these points the next time you devise a mail campaign. If you’re looking for a direct mail marketing partner, we’re ready to help you grow your business.