usps promotions in 2016

In 2015, the Postal Service achieved approval for technology promotions, including Advanced and Emerging Technology, Color Transpromo, and Mail Drives Mobile Engagement. For the 2016 calendar year, the Postal Service has filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission to gain approval for five promotions, including continuations of these three from 2015.

The Advanced and Emerging Technology Promotion is meant to encourage postal clients to incorporate mobile and other technology with their direct mail pieces. Those that do meet the requirements could see a discount of two cents for each mail piece. The promotion will also include an A/B Testing option that hasn’t previously been offered.

The Color Transpromo Promotion is in place to encourage senders to use colors in their messaging. Because color printing can often be more expensive than black and white, senders can save money when sending color mail to offset some costs. During the promotion period, color mailers will save senders two cents per piece.

In addition to continuations, the Postal Service also seeks the Earned Value Reply Mail promotion. This encourages businesses to keep reply envelopes and cards in their outgoing mailpieces by providing a financial benefit every time a customer mails back the card. If you participated in this promotion last year, then you can earn an additional cent on each card returned, for a total of three cents per card.

Rounding out the requests is the print technology category of the 2015 Advanced and Emerging Technology Promotion, which will be presented as a standalone promotion for Standard Mail in 2016.

If you’d like to know about the eligibility conditions for these promotions, you can visit the PRC website. There you can learn more about the revised mailing standards involved in implementing the promotions, as well as the types of mail that will be eligible.