AMi Marketing is your Full Service Marketing and Print Partner

Finding a local print partner can be tough. Yes, there are the big online print companies that can print/ship overnight if you want to roll the “I hope it looks ok” dice. The other option is to find a commercial printer locally that gets it right every time. The price you ask? Surprisingly, those cheap online places aren’t as competitive as you might think!


Benefits of a local printer

Of course, we are biased for ourselves as AMi Marketing is the premier local printing and mail house of middle TN - we are always glad to be your local Nashville Printer!

Service - From our experience, most businesses don’t know what weight (or point type) paper they prefer, what material, and what finish. It is the printer’s responsibility to recognize the needs of customers by presenting and educating the options that make the most sense. Are you trying to impress your clients? Maybe you are trying to go for a specific weight of a mail piece to get postage discounts. Is there a set budget? It is your local printer’s responsibility to use their expertise as commercial printers to find the best solution for your goals. Find a printer that knows what questions to ask to expedite your experience to get your materials to you as soon as possible.


Proofing - Until the ink gets on the paper do you really know what your business card is going to look like? How about that postcard with the neon colors? Everything needs to get proofed to minimize the risk of falling out of love with that particular marketing piece. In the print world, printers should (AMi Does!) proof everything to ensure consistency, ink bleeds are lining up properly, the content is correct, and a multitude of other quality control checks. One of the most common quality control issues that happen in print is color matching. Purple to one printer may be a royal violet to another. This isn’t necessarily purposeful, but there are hundreds of types of printing machines, thousands of types of ink, and probably millions of types of paper. The point being before you run the campaign out the door a quality printer will be proofing, sharing insight, and communicating with you to ensure everything is how you envisioned it. Often, the same day! (You can’t do that online!)


Delivery - working with a local printer also lowers your shipping costs and expedites the time of arrival. AMi Marketing enjoys delivering our printed materials to our customers! Often just to see our clients faces react to their new collateral.


Price - Surprise, our prices are as competitive or more so than online print places. As a local business, we want to be the go-to printer for your business. That means we want to offer our Middle TN community the best services for the best price that we can. Always willing and ready to be competitive - we want to be your business’s commercial printer!

Want to know if you are getting a good price for your print - say hello to our team and we are glad to surprise you with our pricing!


Mail - So you printed out all these pieces and now what are you doing with them? Mailing them out directly to multiple offices or storefront locations? Maybe you are mailing them directly to customer homes? Most print shops have to outsource mail services as this involves other machines, different skill sets, and expertise working with the post office and other shippers. This is where working with AMi Marketing really shines as we truly are the experts in direct mail marketing. It is our responsibility to get great postage pricing and ensure delivery. You need potential customer addresses to mail to? We do that as well!

When doing any kind of mailing campaign or direct marketing campaign you need to make sure you are working with an experienced mailhouse. There are many many many postal regulations, requirements, and often initiatives that result in a better postage rate. With an experienced mailhouse you know you can print confidently & get the piece into the hands of your audience!


Dynamic Print -  complicated print is where we thrive. Let's say you have a letter that needs to be addressed to different people - easy. Let's say you want each one of those letters to have a different picture - easy. Let's say you want each one of those letters to use a different font - got it. Let's say you want each of those letters to have a different copy - yup. We can customize each piece we print to the intended recipient. The benefit of this is to increase relevance with the audience thus increasing their action to the piece. Our printing process allows our production to customize almost every piece of copy or graphics to ensure the marketing piece relates to the targeted audience as closely as possible.

We take pride in being a Nashville Printer! Learn more about our commercial print services today!