postal rates decreasing


In a historic move, the USPS will reduce mail rates beginning April 10, 2016. This is an exciting piece of news for companies who rely on direct mail marketing to continue to spread the word about their business. Not only does direct mail already provide the lowest cost per lead, but that cost is also about to shrink even more.

What’s the Price Decrease?

Postal rates will be reduced by an average of 4.3%, depending on the type of mail and the amount sent. This price reduction will not affect parcels and packages, and neither will it lower the cost of Priority Mail services. Where you will see the lower prices is with letter-sized mail, larger envelopes, flat packages, and postcards.

What These Reductions Look Like

The first-class stamp will now cost $0.47, down from the $0.49 price implemented in 2014. A one-ounce letter through metered mail will cost $0.465, a decrease from $0.485. Postcards will drop from $0.35 to $0.34. For one letter or card at a time, that may not seem like a big discount at all. For those who send letters and postcards in bulk, however, the savings will be immense.

Why the Unprecedented Drop in Cost?

The cost of sending postal mail has been on the rise for years, with the last increase of note taking place in January of 2014. That increase in the early part of 2014 was in response to the financial hardships the USPS suffered as a result of the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009.

When that increase was approved, the additional cost was meant to be a temporary solution for an emergency situation. The price increase always had an income cap of around $4.6 billion in revenue. Now that the cap has been reached, prices must be restored to their previous levels.

Start Preparing Now

If you’re planning a direct mail marketing campaign for the near future, now is the time to take advantage of the lowered prices. We can help you plan and create your materials, segment according to your buyers’ preferences, and prepare for mailing on the day the prices drop. You’re set to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your direct mail pieces in the coming months.

That savings, combined with the lower cost per lead than any other type of marketing—save for telemarketing—puts you in a position to really make an impact on your bottom line. Let’s get started right away.