Don’t Just Send It - Personalize It!

You want to optimize your direct mail results and there’s one sure way to do it – make it personal!  This would seem like an obvious part of your marketing campaign, but it’s often overlooked and it can be a costly mistake.

Sending to highly personalized mailing lists is the most effective way to reach local residents. In fact studies show that sending this kind of direct mail was found to typically generate a 6.5% response rate – three times higher than the usual 2% response rate that occurs as a result of non-personalized direct mail.

Personalizing your direct mail campaign has never been more important. We live in an impersonal world and fewer and fewer people are receiving any type of mail; and they miss it. Think about the power this gives you when working with AMI to create your customized direct mail piece.

The likelihood that your piece is going to be opened if the recipient’s name appears on the outside of the envelope, or the postcard looked at longer when the recipient’s name is used, is greatly increased. “There is not a human being alive who doesn’t want to be recognized,” says Barb Shearon, one of the Founders of AMI Direct Marketing. “When you create a campaign that is highly targeted and also personalized, you’ve just radically increased the open rate of your direct mail campaign.”

When personalizing your campaign, your goal should be to develop an emotional connection between the customer and your company or organization through the design, messaging and personalization. Once designed, it’s then all about the data and one size does not fit all. Personalized direct mailings require extra work, time and attention and you don’t want to leave that to chance. By working with AMI, you receive individualized attention to target a list that focuses solely on reaching your ideal customer. Do not be seduced by the notion that mailing to anyone in your target zip code(s) is going to yield great results. You know your customer and our job is to find people that fit that same profile. Typically you need to mail to someone at least three times until you see optimal results, but understanding who you are trying to reach and mailing a personalized mail piece to that audience gives you a leg up on the business who is ignoring the importance of addressing to a specific individual vs. sending to “Current Resident.” Somehow “Current Resident” doesn’t feel very end user friendly.

Much of this seems obvious, but when you’re in the throws of creating a direct mail campaign, sometimes the obvious is easily overlooked. At AMI, we specialize in helping you create the campaign that yields the best ROI (return on investment). We pride ourselves on taking you through the process in sequential steps, focusing on your company’s goals and designing and implementing the campaign that delivers optimum results.