updated direct mail tactics

Direct mail is one of the oldest forms of marketing still in use today.

Because so many new techniques and technologies have been invented in the last few decades, direct mail can seem, by comparison, as outdated and ineffective.

Regardless of many marketers’ opinions on direct mail marketing, the simple fact is this: it works. Still, if you want to punch up your direct mail with a little technology, there are several things you can do. Here are some seriously cool ways to snag some attention the next time you send out a postcard or flier.

Invitation to Landing Page

Learning more about your customers is easier if they visit your website and volunteer their information. An invitation to visit your site sent to your customers should include a personalized URL. This will allow you to track any of the buyers’ activities once they arrive on your page.

With the information you gather from your buyers, you can then segment them into groups according to their preferences. For more information, be sure to provide special offers on your website in exchange for names, preferences, and other data. Then, you’re ready to move forward with variable data printing.

Variable Data Printing

Using your database to gather information on your buyers is the core of automated digital marketing. What keeps you from using that same technique for your direct mail recipients? Absolutely nothing.

Variable data printing allows you to include specific information for a target audience. For instance, if you’ve learned through your interactions with customers that Bobby B. likes red cars, but Vince P. prefers black ones, you can customize your images and message the next time you send out postcards about the sale at your car lot.

The technology exists to create hundreds of variations within one printing set for mailing. By segmenting your audience into specific groups, you can ensure they see the message that’s intended solely for them.

Google Analytics

When you think of Google Analytics, you probably wonder how it could ever apply to direct mail. Using Google Analytics gives you an idea of how people find your website, what content they find interesting, and how they react to specific information you share.

All of that information can be powerful when applied to a direct mail campaign. Wouldn’t you love to know the words that would capture a recipient’s attention and stop them from throwing your mail into the trash? Wouldn’t it be great to know which of your stories or news items elicited a response from buyers so that you could share it with more?

By using Google Analytics, all of that information is there for you, any time.

Augmented Reality

The latest buzzword in marketing (or anything, really) is augmented reality. If you’re not entirely sure what that means, think of the hot smartphone game, PokemonGO. With the camera on their smartphone, users can view the scene in front of them along with elements added by the game.

How can you use that with direct mail? One suggestion is to send out postcards with a scene or pattern that will interact with an app on the recipient’s phone. When they view the postcard through the camera on their phone, they can see a video, demonstration, or even play a game you’ve created.

Of course, the cost for this type of marketing must include the development of the materials—your videos, games, or apps—but the reward is certainly worth the cost.

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