custom holiday printing

Maintaining excellent relationships with clients isn’t easy. Holiday gifts are a great way to foster those ties, but the gifts should be memorable and recognizable. That’s where printing services come into play. Those gifts you’re considering could be made so much more powerful with your brand message included, couldn’t they? Here are some holiday printing options you probably haven’t considered yet.

Holiday Cards

Plenty of companies allow you to print your company name within a chosen holiday-themed card. How could AMi do anything bigger and better? What about designing your own card from the ground up?

With the ability to choose your message and images, you can ensure your holiday cards really reach your clients in a way no other card could. Variable printing would allow you to deliver cards with unique messages that mean something to each individual client. Among the many snowy scenes and Santa Clauses  from countless other companies, your card will stand out.

Wine Bottle Labels

Wine is a popular choice for corporate gifts, so staying top of mind with this particular gift  isn’t easy. Once the bottle is opened, the sender is promptly forgotten. How can you separate yourself from your competitors? A custom-printed wine label is a great way to ensure your clients think of you every time they pour a glass.

Whether you choose a simple label with your logo and a holiday message or go all out with a full design, we’re here to help. Clients could receive a bottle of wine with a message crafted especially for them. Isn’t the additional effort worth the reward?

Inspirational Posters

Have a quote that defines your company? Consider sharing that quote on a custom-designed poster. You can choose from several different designs so that your clients know you kept them in mind when creating their holiday gifts. As with the holiday cards and wine labels, you hold all the power. Work with a graphic designer to develop your own designs, fonts, and images. You can pay homage through images of the clients’ logos, headquarters, home cities, or products. Or, go another route and get creative with your own designs.

We can’t wait to help you make your dream client gifts a reality this holiday season. To make sure you get your gifts in time for delivery, contact us as soon as possible. We’re ready to help you grow your business through thoughtful, creative, and inspirational print gifts.