Valuable Marketing Tips from AMi Before You Create a Campaign

Ask These  Questions 

Marketing when executed with attention to every detail, reaps huge rewards. Before you create one more campaign, touch one more customer, spend one more dollar on marketing, consider doing this brainstorming exercise with your company. If possible involve as many of your employees (not necessarily only mangers, but employees on every level) as possible.

Businesses have been revitalized when they’ve taken the time to answer these four questions:

1. Why would someone (your Avatar) spend their hard earned money with you – what makes your business unique?

Once you’ve established your unique selling proposition, you can customize your direct mail offer to reach that specific customer. Do you offer outstanding customer service at every touch point? Are you a luxury brand that offers one-of-a-kind services? Are you a discount store with the absolute best prices? Whatever it is, when you know your Avatar and you know why they walk through your door, your marketing campaign becomes that much easier.

2. Why would someone work for you? (Ask your employees.)

How your employees think about their work is clearly one of the major keys to your success. Involving your employees creates a culture of camaraderie. When you’re spending marketing dollars on a campaign, you want every single employee on board with your offer. Knowing why your employees show up for work every day is valuable information.

3. Why would society welcome you to their community? (How does your business positively impact the landscape?)

This is about knowing your community and creating a positive experience for your customer so they will become your raving fans. And when your customers become raving fans, ask them for a testimonial. Third party testimonials are powerful in any marketing campaign.

4. And finally; why would someone invest their money with you?

Even if you aren’t looking for capital, taking the time to answer this question will help you get crystal about your message. These questions move any business into a culture of reframing the day-to-day thought process, while also taking the company outside of its comfort zone. In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced world that is filled with more options than we ever dreamed possible, the successful business is the one that stays ahead of the herd and creates the most outstanding customer experience possible. Thinking outside the box and never getting too comfortable is key to reaching your ideal customer and creating direct mail campaigns that rock!