holiday customer loyalty

How many of your customers during the holiday season have ever shopped with you before? In many cases, the buyers who seek out your company are there to buy gifts for loved ones, which means they’re either first-time buyer or once-per-year shoppers. We know that any purchase is a good one, but why stop the relationship the moment the transaction is complete?

With a little bit of investment, you can make those buyers feel special all year long, and that might just make them a little more likely to make purchases. How can you turn those one-time holiday shoppers into lifelong friends? Let’s take a look.

Provide Information

New buyers will have all kinds of questions about your products and services during this time of year. Be sure the information you send out to all their mailboxes is as complete as possible. You don’t want buyers to have more questions after they read your fliers and letters, do you?

A mom who wants to buy something special for her son may not even know what to ask to get started. A dad looking for a sparkly gift for his daughter may be too embarrassed to even approach someone. You can take care of them with one catalog or mailer, can’t you? Tell them what they need to know, show them the options that exist, and give them a chance to learn everything on their own.

Segment Your List

If you’re working with first-time buyers and once-per-year customers, you’re going to approach them differently, aren’t you? Even that buyer who only comes around every December will be offended if you act like you’ve never met before. Be sure you’re sending different mail to each groups so as not to commit a major faux pas.

For instance, those who bought for the first time last year have already learned what they need to know about your company and products. What they don’t know is what’s available this year. Are there new accessories, updated versions of last year’s popular items, or brand new products that fit their wish lists? These are the things to share with those who’ve been around once or twice.

You can also use past purchases to further segment the contact lists. Did they shop for boys or girls last year? Were the gifts better for younger or older children? If you use this information to send targeted information, you’ll take a lot of the guesswork out of that customer’s shopping.

Keep in Touch

This is the real kicker here. Too many people dust their hands and call the season a success, but then forget all about the buyers. Those who made purchases will do the very same thing if you’re not careful. Do you really want them to forget where that awesome present came from? Do you want your excellent service, quality products, and clever branding to get mixed in with all the rest of the holiday hubbub?

The best way to avoid slipping into oblivion is to reach out after the holidays. Ask them how their gifts were received. Do they need help operating anything? Can you send out tutorials to help get things set up? Was everything included, or do they need additional accessories to make the gift perfect?

More than anything, just show those buyers that you didn’t forget about them the moment the holidays ended. That’s really what consumers want, isn’t it? Build relationships through your direct mail, and those customers will reward you with loyalty.

If you’re ready to grow your business beyond the holiday season, reach out. Let’s explore some direct mail campaigns that will make your one-time buyers loyal for life.