How do you know you’re reaching the type of audience you want to reach?

Direct Marketing is all about Who, What, Where, When.  Let’s talk about the WHO.

Who you are mailing to is vitally important. This must be determined in your planning stage, so you can incorporate what you want to say to the correct audience. You want to make sure that you’re sending your marketing materials to the right people and are not bombarding non-potential consumers with mailers that are promoting irrelevant offers in their minds.  As we all know the worst thing to get is “junk” mail.  We never perceive advertising mail that we are interested in as junk mail.  With the steps below you can ensure that your mailing is anticipated and liked as advertising mail, not dreaded as junk mail.

There are 2 basic variables to focus on that help make an ideal list:

1. Demographic Factors

2. Geographical Information

To The Point

Mailing List Acquisition guarantees that your message is being seen by the relevant audience. Not all lists take into consideration the specific elements that will make a campaign successful.  Some lists are about hitting numbers, not targets.  With a “scatter shot” approach you will definitely not hit a specific audience.  You could have the best price, the best looking mailer, hitting people at the right time to buy, but if you mail to the wrong target audience you won’t get the response you need and expect. You need to be very sure of whom you are targeting and that your list indeed targets that correct audience.

Demographic Factors

These are the characteristics expressed by a population - such as age, education, occupation, income, type of housing to name just a few. Think of it like this: Does a family in their 30s that’s  currently living in an apartment, but making a good salary want to hear about houses for sale in their area?  Is a retired person interested in ways to save and grow their retirement income?  The answer to both might be yes.  Make sure you reach those demographics and don’t send the card about retirement opportunities to the family in their 30s.

Demographic factors are determined by profiling your current customers as well as your prospects. This helps ensure the prospective clients you’re mailing to match your current client demographics.

Geographical Information

Additionally you might want to limit your mailing to a particular geographic area.  An example would be a pizza company.  They would want to target everyone within their delivery area.  

How We Can Help

Using our exclusive “Drive Time Technology” we’re able to determine the territory or radius that would be most beneficial for your campaign to cover.  Our drive time radius technology takes into account natural barriers such as lakes, mountains, and interstates.  You typically can go farther out in the directions of an interstate and if there isn’t a bridge you might not want to reach people on the opposite side of a lake, if the drive around takes too long.  With our exclusive technology we can determine for you where you should mail to and where you shouldn’t.  We can then overlay your demographic criteria with the geographic radius to find the people that are most likely to buy your product or service in the area you service.

We, at AMi, have the experience to make sure you’re targeting the most relevant audience for your service or product. We’re here to help, and to become an integral part of your marketing team.