Is now time for Direct Mail?

You might think it is not.  That it is an antiquated form of advertising.  Think again…

How many ads do you bypass on your phone and in your emails?

What you should know is Digital marketing does have its place. It is quick, inexpensive and can reach many people all at once, but do you pay attention to all those ads? Now I’m not suggesting we do away with digital marketing. It definitely should play a role in your marketing plan and budget, but so should Direct Mail. Direct Mail can connect you to your prospects like no other media can.

Your prospects have to touch your mail piece. They bring your mail piece into their offices and homes. Nothing gets more personal than that! We recommend discussing the matter with AMi Printing as they offer the best Direct Mail service in Nashville, TN.

Is Direct Mail worth the cost?

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – Direct Mail is costly! And with postage rates always going up, it gets more costly every year! And especially coming out of the pandemic, ALL marketing budgets are being closely scrutinized. But let’s turn this around a bit. Yes, social media and email marketing are far cheaper – but what percentage of people buy from those ads?

Now let’s look at Direct Mail. Yes, it is more costly to produce and Mail, but is that what we should be looking at, or should we be looking at the ROI? Yes, we need to look at the ROI that Direct Mail generates. Direct Mail, on average, influences almost 50% of the recipients to take action, whether that is to go online and buy something, visit a store or donate to a cause.   And even more interesting – the people influenced the most by Direct Mail are…millennials.

A Worthy Solution – Informed Delivery Service

The USPS has a program called Informed Delivery. It is a free service that you can sign up for. Once you sign up for it, you will receive an email every morning showing all the deliverable letters and packages of that particular day. As a marketer, you can provide the USPS with a colorized version of your mail piece and include the landing page you want that consumer to go to. That email shows up in your email in the morning.

You can see a colorized version of the mail piece; you can click on the button to go to their landing page – and then you receive the mail piece in with your Mail that day. Three touches with one piece of Mail! And as an added incentive in Q4 of 2021, the USPS is giving a 2% postal discount for people using Informed Delivery.