An Irresistible Offer - Success

A well thought out marketing strategy is key to the success of any business, regardless of the size, but often in the extensive planning, a simple aspect gets overlooked and that is the #1 thing that gets your target audience to open your piece of mail. What is it? It’s the offer! You need to create an irresistible offer that begs opening. Sadly, many businesses overlook the importance of this step and then wonder why nothing is working. Don’t make this mistake. Follow these simple steps to create an offer that is simply irresistible.

1. Make the outcome plain and simple.

For some reason, many businesses begin by confusing the client. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and think about all the things you’ve paid money for. Did you know exactly what you were going to get? Or did you turn over your hard-earned money in anticipation of being surprised? Chances are good; you knew what you were getting. Be specific about your offer.

2. Create an offer that takes away pain or satisfies a deep desire.

If you find a way to craft an offer that alleviates both, that’s even better. Certainly there are impulse purchases, but you won’t get a good response if you target someone’s impulses. Whether you are a dentist or a restaurateur – you can find the pain point and the desire to be free of it. For example: If you’re a restaurant, you want bodies at the table. If I’m a mother, I want a break from cooking; a night out with my family; a family-friendly environment that serves healthy food and I want it to be affordable. My pain point is that I need a break from cooking and spending too much money. How can you, the restaurateur, address this?

3. Use third party testimony to make the decision easier.

Proof based on the results and testimonies of others helps customers make a decision. We almost always choose the product or business with the best reviews and manufacturer claims. The more social proof you have – the stronger your offer will be.

4. Create a value that outweighs the perceived or real cost. Everyone wants a good deal. Make sure your offer exceeds the customer’s expectation. Remember the mission is to initially drive business to your door.