engaging direct mail copy

Direct mail marketing seems to many to be a numbers game. Marketers who still believe the power of direct mail has been weakened or even destroyed by digital marketing have probably experienced a few failed campaigns. The reality is that direct mail still provides the lowest cost per lead, and it has the second highest response rate.

So, where are these marketers going wrong?

If we were to guess, we’d say they’re not using engaging copy. If you’re struggling with a similar problem, feeling as though your mail pieces are ineffective and maybe going straight into the trash, then these tips for writing engaging copy will help.

Know Your Target

If you don’t even know which target you’re aiming for, you’ll definitely miss. What consumers are most likely to need or want your products? How many of those potential customers have shopped with you before? You can also use information about their interests, their income, their geographic location, and their familial status to craft messages that reach right down into their hearts and wallets.

Knowing your target is so much more than knowing demographics. You should be as familiar with these buyers as you would be with a friend. The better you know them, the more likely you’ll be to use the write language, with humor and inside jokes that only they’ll understand. A message that cuts through all the other noise in that mailbox is a message your buyers will remember.

Know the Problem

Everyone who shops with your company has a particular pain, a need that only you can solve. If you don’t know what hurts, how do you know what to fix? Knowing the problem means you know what’s most important to your buyers. Do they need more time in their day? Are they searching for connections? Do they value efficiency? Will more information move them?

Not all customers will have the same pain, even if your answer is the same. That means you have to understand which of your customers are looking for efficiency and which want to be educated on your products. Fortunately, digital printing makes different messages for different problems easier than ever.

Know the Medium

Will you send letter-sized mail or oversized postcards? Do you make use of catalog marketing or do your customers prefer fliers? Each of these mail types require different copy, don’t they?

Keep messages as short and sweet as possible, regardless of the medium. Use the space you have without cramming in too much text or, worse, using illegible print. You only get one chance to grab their attention, so make it count. Bold headlines, a short sentence or two that explains the offer, and then a paragraph or so of exposition should be all you need. And save room for the call to action, or buyers won’t know where to go after reading your mail.

With these things in mind, you’ll see a distinct change in the behavior of your direct mail recipients. Over time, you’ll realize exactly why direct mail marketing is so successful. If you’d like to discover more about marketing your business through direct mail, give us a call.