nurture leads through direct mail

When you send out a direct mail piece, you may think your only option is to cross your fingers, hold your breath, and hope someone actually sees the message.

The very idea of tracking that person’s interest in your company probably seems impossible. The truth, however, is that you have all the resources you need to track leads and nurture them into a conversion through direct mail.

Cast a Wide Net

Your first move as a company working to market to as many people as possible is probably to send out mailers to everyone in your target area. This is the very first part of the marketing funnel—the awareness phase. You’re working to make anyone and everyone aware that your company exists and that you can solve particular pain points for them.

At this point, no one is a lead. Everyone is a prospect. And yes, you may need to do a little wishing and hoping that your mail piece will appeal to the recipients. But how will you know if they did read your letter or flier? How can you pinpoint the moment one of those prospects turns into a lead?

Make Contact

In some cases, you’ll know a prospect became a lead the moment they make a purchase. If you notice that sales are up after you send out a mailer, then it’s a good indication that your message worked.

What happens when the recipient needs a little more time to make a decision? How can you nurture that prospect through the buying cycle? First, you have to invite them to make contact. Do this by providing a personalized URL on each mail piece. You can also use a personalized QR code. If the recipient uses either of these, you’ll know the moment they visit your website that they were interested enough to get more information.

At this particular point, you have merged your direct mail and digital marketing efforts, but the nurturing doesn’t have to take place online.

Provide Information

Once a prospect stops by your website, you can be sure they’re interested in what you have to give. From that moment on, it’s your job to provide the information they need to make their choice. The more you can educate the buyer on your products or services, the more likely they will be to convert.

So, what would a nurturing campaign look like? First, you want to determine the particular goods or services that they’re interested in. Since you can’t call them up and ask, create a new mailer that outlines some of the most popular things you offer. With each of those offers, provide a customized URL to a landing page on your website. When the buyer visits that site to get more information, then you have a better understanding of what they need.

Next, you’ll create information that addresses that need. They’re already aware of your company and what you sell, so give them information about how your products or services have helped others in the past. Testimonials are perfect for convincing buyers that little risk is involved.

Finally, remove all the risk from a purchase. Offer a money-back guarantee or a free sample or trial period. Those who have made it to this point in the buying cycle won’t be able to say no.

If you’d like to learn more about nurturing your leads through powerful direct mail marketing, please reach out. We’d love to help you grow your business.